Jonathan Athon Dies: Black Tusk Bassist Dead At 32

November 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jonathan Athon has died at the age of 32. Athon, who was a member of the Black Tusk, passed away after being critically injured during a motorcycle accident in Georgia. Athon’s girlfriend, Emily Boutwell, who was also injured during the crash, is in fair condition.

Jonathan Athon

Jonathan Athon of the the Black Tusk dies at 32. On Friday, November 7, Athon, a bass player and singer for the Black Tusk, was critically injured after his motorcycle crashed near his Georgia home.

According to to the Savannah-Chatham County police, Jonathan Athon and his girlfriend, Emily Boutwell, were riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, when they crashed into the side of an SUV.

Athon and Boutwell were rushed to Memorial Health University Medical Center, where doctors revealed that the rocker had suffered irreparable brain damage. Boutwell is expected to make a full recovery.

On November 9th, Jonathan Athon was removed from life support. The remaining members of Black Tusk, Andrew Fidler and Jamie May, issued a statement on the passing of Jonathan Athon.

“It is with deep regret and saddened hearts that we must tell you that Athon passed away this morning from injuries sustained from his motorcycle accident. Doctors told us that he suffered irreparable brain damage shortly after the accident. He has been in a coma and sustained by life support until now. As per his wishes, we removed Athon from his life support systems and his organs will be donated. His body will be cremated and a memorial is being planned for family and friends in Savannah. He was 32 years old and will be forever missed. Thank you all for your support during this devastating time for us, it would have made him proud.”

Kim Kelly, paid tribute to her friend in a very touching piece published on

Jonathan Athon was a great cook who loved animals and one hell of a repairman. Kelly wrote:

“As invested as Athon was in Black Tusk, there was a lot more to him as a person. He was so excited about playing guitar and singing in his new band, Conquer/Devour, a “party doom” outfit that indulged his love for technical songwriting, Southern swagger, and big fat doom riffs. The past few years saw him combine his musical knowledge with his carpentry skills to begin building his own beautifully crafted drums, guitars, and bass guitars under the 13 Star Drums banner.He was a hell of a cook, especially when a barbecue grill was involved. He was an artistic soul with an eye for design, and had studied photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He was a sucker for dogs, especially his beloved pup Cutter. He was a great man. He was a great friend. He was honest, caring, kind, and funny as hell. He lived hard, and loved harder.”

Black Tusk, which was formed 2005 has released four albums and several EPs. Jonathan Athon will be missed.


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