John Stamos Selfies: ‘90s Star’s Sex ‘Selfies’ Confession Is TMI For Some

March 23, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

John Stamos’ selfies after sex confession definitely falls into the TMI category. Stamos has published a new book entitled How to F–k a Woman, where he revealed that few women have asked him for selfies after one-night stands.

john stamos selfies

John Stamos‘ selfies after sex revelation, a story about going down on a woman and finding gum, are all in his new book entitled How to F–k a Woman, no this is not a joke.

Stamos wrote F–k a Woman in collaboration with The New Normal and Glee writer Ali Adler. Three years ago, the duo worked on the short-lived NBC series The New Normal.

The stories he shares in the book make Uncle Jesse look so different. The Full House star explained that some of the women he slept with, asked him for a selfie or a shirt as a souvenir. He explained that he sometimes felt like his lovers were using him and added:

“A couple of women have wanted ‘selfies’ afterwards.One girl really wanted my shirt, like a souvenir.”

Stamos is a great drums, keyboard, guitar, bass and various percussion instruments player, in fact, he has performed on multiple occasions with The Beach Boys. Therefore, it will not surprise anyone to learn that the “Problem Child” artist sees love making in a musical way. He shared in the book:

“I’m 51 years old. I’ve had some experiences but it’s about listening, asking, talking…Maybe some girls are afraid of communicating.But I find most aren’t if you ask, ‘Does this feel good?’ Or listen to her body like an instrument. I guess I do approach sex in a musical way. With me it’s more rhythm than melody with a woman…but it’s all listening. When music clicks you can feel it. You have to listen to other musicians. With women, you have to listen to their bodies.”

Rebecca Romijn‘s former husband revealed that he is very generous in bed. He explained:

“I’d rather have a woman have ten orgasms than me have ten orgasms.”

As if that was not enough of over-sharing, John Stamos went on to give some rather strange details about a sex encounter, which involved his gum getting stuck in a woman’s vagina. The story begins something like this:

“I got to the arena and there’s this very strange … there was an unusual … a mass … something that wouldn’t ordinarily be there. It was a weird texture, a lump, but it wasn’t a medical thing. I kept licking it and checking it with my tongue and was like, what the [bleep] is this thing?. This was me going, ‘[Bleep], I really care about this person and I really want to continue this, but what the [bleep] is this.”

John Stamos concluded by:

“You know what it was? It was my gum that I’d been chewing from before because I wanted to make sure I had good breath.”

John Stamos, who dated Amy Poehler, has a habit of sharing hilarious relationship tweets with his followers. Here are few pearls:

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