John Quincy Archibald-John Q True Story

Garrett Montgomery | June 14, 2009 | 24 Comments More

John Quincy Archibald:John Q True Story John Q – In 2002 a movie called “John Q” was released in which stars Denzel Washington where he played John Quincy Archibald, a father who panics and takes an entire hospital in hostage after his son who has an enlarged heart is denied a transplant because HMO insurance will not cover it.People have ofter wonder is it a true story?
Well the answer is no,director Nick Cassavetes and producer Mark Burg simply wanted to shed lights on a dramatic situation that occurs very ofter in America.
That’s the latest update on John Quincy Archibald:John Q True Story John Q.

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    1. Leanna says:

      i dont understand near the end of this movie they were showing larry king talking about john q i dont know is it real???

      • michael says:

        no its not real but that part of the movie did confuse me as well because of all of the real life new casters. But no,director Nick Cassavetes and producer Mark Burg simply wanted to shed lights on a dramatic situation that occurs very ofter in America.

    2. Ron says:

      No, it’s not real. News-casters and broadcasters at times appear in films even though the film may not be real but fictional. A well know weatherman in Oklahoma starred in the film “Twister”.

    3. Matt says:

      I liked this movie. i too thought it was real because of the end of the show. It even showed John Quincy Archibold in a news cast as someone other than Denzel Washington. Good job Nick!

    4. jireh says:

      very concoius i love this movie it has to be one of the best alltime because of the sincerness an the realist involved ( Two thumbs & ten Toes Up ) Thank You jireh

    5. robin b says:

      this drama was great, and shows the need for national health care. people with low or no health care insurance is given a band-aid and showen the DOOR. what is your option? take action like he did or lye down and quietly DIE.

    6. anonymous says:

      so why is the “for sasha” at the end of the movie?

    7. Latoya says:

      That was a lovely and heart breaking movie but if its not true why at the end of the movie it says…..for sasha……who is she?

    8. Carmen says:

      Who is Sasha?

    9. angel says:

      who is sasha ? and true or not john Q would be a hero in every ones heart!

    10. Sophia says:

      It IS real !

    11. Ashley says:

      it is real.. … i believe it is real and so do many other ppl, A. because they seen it on the news when it happened and B. Some ppl keep the news paper about it..

    12. maurice curry says:


    13. maurice curry says:


    14. biljen97 says:

      It may not be true but just watch the movie ‘Sicko’ and then you’ll understand that the healthcare system in America is in need of a serious overhaul.
      Healthcare should be a right not a privilege. The system is put in place to make the CEO’s who never treat a single patient, and the share holders’ very very very filthy rich.
      People who say they Love their healthcare probably have never had to use it.
      Good luck America!

    15. mark says:

      sasha was the girl that died and her heart went into michael

    16. enzo says:

      For me John Q is one of the best movie ever, my tears fell

    17. Linda says:

      funny, everyone just keeps saying he had a enlarged heart, there was a name for his enlarged heart, CARDIOMYOPATHY!! Very much overlooked in the USA!!

    18. bm says:

      We watch the movie today in class to learn a little about HMOs ..well I herd this is a true story but they change instead of a girl they use a boy to cover the real identity of the girl.. .also he spent a year in prison for keeping the hostage ..sure they exaggerated the whole situation .. Sasha is the name of the real girl. .also she is a color girl as well as him ,also because of this situation hmos changed a lot of rules most of hmos cover heart transplant. .

    19. Alex says:

      Very nice movie n so real. I would have did the same thing.

    20. truth says:

      not based on a true story, BUT based on true stories. Similar situations happens often in America and possibly other countries.

    21. Naomi says:

      It was great movie I was full of tears. Who is sasha?

    22. Tygryss says:

      Sasha is the director’s daughter, who was born with a congenital heart defect and endured 4 heart surgeries to enable her to live.

      • Janice McClelland says:

        Actually it is not sasha is the name of a little girl that an enlarge heart and her dadheld up the hospital until he could get a heart to her it was in the eighties they just chane it for a little girl to a little boy

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