Joelle Lockwood Found: Two People Arrested After Missing Indiana Mom Found Alive

September 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Joelle Lockwood Missing Pic

Joelle Lockwood missing no more. Joelle Lockwood, the missing mom from Indiana has been found alive. Lockwood, the mother-of-two who went missing on July 9th, has been found by an Indiana resident. According to the police report, Joelle Lockwood, was being held in a dog cage against her will by Ricky House and Kendra Tooley. Lockwood’s safe return is giving hope to Kristy Kelley’s family. Kelley also from southwest Indiana has been missing since August 15th.

Joelle Lockwood is no longer missing and two evil doers, Ricky House and Kendra Tooley are behind bars.

An entire community in Indiana is sleeping better after news broke that Joelle Ann Lockwood, a mother-of-two has been found alive and in fairly good shape.

According to local media, an unnamed man, found Lockwood while he was visiting Ricky House and Kendra Tooley’s mobile home (photos of the home are below) in Posey County west of Evansville.

On Saturday, the good Samaritan was either visiting friends or family in the home when he found Lockwood.

The unnamed resident drove Lockwood to the Evansville Police Headquarters, where she was briefly interviewed by EPD Detectives.

Joelle Lockwood was eventually taken to the hospital, but was said to be in good health and was therefore released to her family.

Members from the Evansville Police Department have revealed that they have arrested two individuals who were keeping Lockwood captive under terrible conditions in the Posey County residence .

According to Kayla Moody from Eyewitness News in Evansville, Indiana, the criminals Ricky House and Kendra Tooley (see their mugshots below) who treated Joelle Lockwood like an animal are being held on preliminary charges of criminal confinement.

EPD Detectives stated that Joelle Lockwood was locked up in a small dog cage for almost two months by House and Tooley.

Lockwood went missing on July 9, as she was strolling near Park Street and Florida Street in Evansville.

Friends and family members of the 30-year-old woman who has two children ages 9 and 12 could not make sense of her disappearance because she had no enemies.

Lockwood’s relatives spoke to media after her safe return to say how grateful they are for the police and the community’s help.

They are also hoping that Ricky House and Kendra Tooley know the whereabouts of Kristy Kelley of Boonville.

The 27-year-old who is also a mother-of-two went missing in the early hours of August 15th while leaving a Boonville VFW club.

Kristy Kelley and Joelle Lockwood missing posters were plastered all over the state and shared on Facebook, hopefully a second family can get some good news soon.


It has been revealed that Joelle Lockwood was forced to be a slave during the two months she was being held captive by the couple.

Lockwood was brutalized by 37-year-old Ricky Roy House Jr. and 44-year-old Kendra Tooley who made her perform chores naked around the mobile home.

Not only was she nude, she had to wear a dog collar around her neck as she cleaned, cooked and wash for the criminals.

Ricky Roy House Jr. often raped the woman whom he never fed and rarely gave water.

House found it hilarious to shower Lockwood with cold water as she was locked up in the cage.

The man who rescued Lockwood has been identified, as Ron Higgs – he is Kendra Tooley’s former husband.

Higgs told the media he received a phone call from Tooley who asked him to borrow her some money.

When he arrived at the mobile home, he was shocked by what he saw, a naked woman in a cage, crying and begging for help.

Higgs who is being hailed as a hero, said he left the home with Joelle Lockwood as guns were pointed at him, but he was determined to get her back to her family.


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