Joanna Audoire Mcdonalds: Woman Says McDonald’s Hot Tea Burned Her Leg

December 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Joanna Audoire’s McDonald’s lawsuit is reminiscent of the 1992 Stella Liebeck case. A British woman by the name of Joanna Audoire has plans to sue McDonald’s after she seriously burned her leg with an ill-covered cup of tea. McDonald’s has announced that they will investigate the matter. Many have rapidly taken to the internet to say that Joanna Audoire cooked up the whole story.

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The Joanna Audoire McDonald’s lawsuit drama is making headlines, and thus far, the fast food giant is winning the PR war. A mother of three has made her plans to drag McDonald’s to court known, after accidentally spilling hot tea she purchased from the company on her leg.

The 44-year-old European spoke to local media and she explained that after a busy day of shopping with her friend, Karen Prodromou, they visited a McDonald’s located in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

Joanna Audoire claimed that she ordered a Coke and a hot tea, and returned to her vehicle with the tray. As she sat in the car, she noticed that the cup containing the Coke was about to stumble over and she tried to catch it, and the sizzling cup of tea, which apparently had an issue with the lid, spilled over her leg.

Despite the agonizing pain, Joanna Audoire, who is a telemarketer, went to work. While at her post, the burnt spot on her leg became unbearable, which prompted her to got to the bathroom in order to take a better look at the injury.

Audoire discovered that her pants were stuck to the burnt area. She was forced to peel off the clothing from her leg and she was shocked to find a huge L-shaped burn with bubbles on it.

The divorcee was taken to the hospital, where doctors told her, she will have a scar the size of her hand on the leg for the rest of her life. The injury forced Joanna Audoire to take one week off work. Audoire said that she is seriously thinking about suing McDonald’s. She said:

“I am seriously considering legal action for the time I have had to take off work and for the injury and trauma I have suffered.I was in immense pain. They need to take some responsibility for serving the tea as hot as that with a flimsy lid.”

She went to add that she hopes that McDonald’s employees will be more careful because they can injure children. The mother added:

“When will they improve it? When a child is seriously burnt? It makes me cross.The lid couldn’t have been on properly, and I know tea is hot, but was it too hot on this occasion? I think it was. It was very very painful. It shouldn’t have happened.”

A spokesman for McDonald’s said in a statement that they are investigating the matter and they are in contact with Joanna Audoire. Audoire is being compared to Stella Liebeck, who spilled scalding McDonald’s coffee on her lap in 1992, and won over $2 Million from the company.

Many are calling Joanna Audoire, an opportunist and a scam artist, who burned herself on purpose, and is now trying to get money from the company.

What are your thoughts on the Joanna Audoire McDonald’s lawsuit? Was this an accident?

Joanna Audoire mcdonalds


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  1. Robert says:

    Does she not know that hot things burn? Then when she purchased the hot tea she took the risk.

    • wing ding says:

      is there no depth to the stupidity of the human being? Or the lawyers who will prosecute the case?

      • JCR says:

        No people are this dumb. A women purchased a Winnebago while driving down the highway she left the drivers seat to go into the kitchen area and make a sandwich. I bet you will never guess what happened. If you guessed it crashed you win. Well she sued and again guess what she won?????!!! She proved that no one told her when she purchased it nor did it state In the owners manual that you could not do this. I know you would think that anyone with a quarter of a brain would know you cant do this. I guess this is what this once great nation has come to. No one is responsible for what they do.

  2. Jeanne says:

    The woman ordered a hot tea – did she want cold tea? When you order a hot coffee or hot tea it is your problem if you spill it.

  3. Jessie Smith says:

    Must we always blame others for our own clumsy actions? Of course the coffee was hot! Of course the tea was hot! Good grief, doesn’t this lady know to never trust a fast food lid? When you are at the drive thru, take the items one at a time and place them carefully.

  4. Tom White says:

    And if the tea wasn’t hot, would she sue? It’s HOT TEA, of course it will burn if you spill it! Is she blaming her stupidity on McDonalds?

  5. ruth says:

    when I go to mcd’s I always ck the lids….shame on this person for not doing so……everyone now a day seems to be sue happy……what is it with people.did she read a story & decide to follow thru…get a life

  6. Chris Johnson says:

    Just how stupid are people? Trying to drink and drive. Yeah, I know it was tea but same premise, anything that distracts you from operating a motor vehicle in a safe esponsible manner makes everything your fault and no one else’s.

  7. victoria Simpson says:

    This is a scam. I order hot tea from McDs almost every day. Yes, it is hot because it is supposed to be. I accidently spilled it on myself once because I did not replace the lid securely. It did not leave a scar. It did not require any type of Dr treatment. Yes, it was a burn but it was easily taken care of at home. There is no way this cold have happened to this woman to this degree.

  8. joe magallo says:

    she threw the tea on herself so she could sue..they should throw tea in her face and throw the lawsuit out..If you are so stupid to put hot tea on your lap you should be institutionalized….assh*le..that is why this happens they allow every person to drop a lawsuit whenever the wind blows and collect on it like the 1992 coffee incident at Mcds She was a moron laughing all the way to the bank now…

  9. joe magallo says:

    Not for nothing if you look at her she looks STUPID!!! 🙂

  10. Richard says:

    She could have burned herself anywhere anytime and claimed to have done it with McD’s tea either way this is a scam

  11. GoBAckToBrittianLoser says:

    I call her shameful and embarrassing to mankind. What a complete twit

  12. rash says:

    “can’t fix stupid”
    “stupid is as stupid does”-Forrest Gump

  13. Judy says:

    Really???? Who spills something hot on them, goes to work and then later goes to check it out??? I’m sorry, but if you spill something hot or cold on yourself, you are not going to wait, she couldn’t feel her pants stuck to her leg???? Give me a break!! I always check lids, hot or cold!

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