Jimmy Page’s Girlfriend, 25, Is French-Iranian Actress Scarlett Sabet

March 27, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Jimmy Page’s girlfriend is 25 and is grabbing headlines because of their age difference. The 71-year-old leader of rock band Led Zeppelin was spotted enjoying a stroll in West London on Tuesday with his current girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet.

Jimmy Page Girlfriend 25

She is an actress, poet, performer and she is 25. Jimmy Page‘s girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet, who is of French-Iranian descent, has people talking after she was photographed strolling in London with the rock music legend.

According to reports, Sabet and Page struck an unlikely friendship in 2013 that grew into something much deeper in recent months.

This is not the first time that Jimmy Page was caught enjoying a nice outing with his 25-year-old girlfriend. Back in January, on his birthday, the veteran guitarist took his lady love to Nando’s, a chicken restaurant chain. On both occasions, the couple was dressed in all-black clothing.

According to the Daily Mail, Page values his privacy, so an official announcement about the status of the couple is not to be expected anytime soon. Nonetheless, a source told the publication:

“Everyone was quite surprised by this. The thing about Jimmy though is that he won’t say a word about his private life — he never has.”

Sabet is mostly known for her work in 2008’s action movie Perfect Hideout starring Titanic actor Billy Zane and Cristian Solimeno. She also showed her skills in 2010’s horror flick The Reeds with Anna Brewster and Geoff Bell. Page, a two-time divorcee father of five, is said to be worth $170 million.

Page divorced his second wife, Jimena Gómez-Paratcha, in 2008 after a 13-year marriage. After pictures of Jimmy Page’s 25-year-old girlfriend had surfaced, commentators started bashing the 46-year gap between the two lovers. One commentator said:

“I wonder if he worked in McDonald’s if she would be walking hand in hand with him.”

Another one added:

“It’s a tragedy to see just a young girl with a man like her grandad.”

A third one shared:

“Age is only a number when there is an EXTREMELY LARGE bank account involved!”

A last one concluded:

“Wrong on so many levels!”

One person did defend Page and his lady friend, the individual stated:

“Who says a says a woman dating a millionaire old enough to be her grandad can’t be deeply in love?”

Jimmy Page’s girlfriend being 25 is not that surprising if you are familiar with his music and followed his career. Page allegedly dated a 14-year-old girl named Lori Maddox in 1972 when he was 28. Interesting fact, Page has a 44-year-old daughter named Scarlet.

What are your thoughts on Page’s new girlfriend?


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  1. bill alexander says:


  2. David Archuleta says:

    Leave him alone. He and she may enjoy more than sex. They are both musicians. There may be a deeper connection than you think. You don’t change how you feel on the inside when you get older. Good for Jimmy and Scarlett

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