Jim Parsons Hearts Rihanna’s Scent, Eyeing The Riddler Role

March 22, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jim Parsons has a Rihanna crush and he is hoping to portray The Riddler in a movie one day. In a new interview with MTV UK, Big Bang Theory actor and America’s favorite nerd Jim Parsons, confessed that he would love to play a villain, more specifically The Riddler in an upcoming movie and professed his love for Rihanna. Will the Jim Parsons Rihanna connection get the Barbadian star in small role on the hit comedy?

Jim Parsons Riddler

A Jim Parsons Rihanna connection is making headlines.
Jim Parsons‘ Riddler role wish and huge crush on Rihanna are now known. Earlier this week, Jim Parsons sat down for a little interview with MTV UK, to talk about his upcoming 3D computer-animated movie Home, which stars Rihanna (there is a real Jim Parsons Rihanna friendship blooming), Jennifer Lopez, and Steve Martin.

He also appeared on the Ellen Show where he spoke about Rihanna’s special smell. The film is set to be released on March 27, 2015.

Mr Parsons took a question from a fan, who asked what is the role he would love to play in a superhero or action movie? The Wish I Was Here and Sunset Stories star gave a surprising answer.

Parsons, famous for playing Sheldon Cooper, America’s favorite socially inept nerd on The Big Bang Theory, confessed that he would love to take on the role of a villain.

Parsons stated that he hopes to play The Riddler aka Edward Nygma because he thinks they are not using the character enough. Parsons, who recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and his own waxwork at Madame Tussauds, shared:

“I would love to play a superhero in a movie. I would like to be a villain. I would really like to play The Riddler. I don’t feel they’re using the Riddler very much, are they?”

Parsons is right to say that The Riddler is not often used in Batman movies. The last time, the villain appeared in movie theaters was in 1995, when funnyman Jim Carrey wore the bizarre green suit in Batman Forever.

But the star who really popularized The Riddler is Frank Gorshin in the 1960s Batman television series where he received an Emmy nomination for the role. In fact, Carey has stated that he was inspired by Gorshin’s portrayal of The Riddler for Batman Forever. The highly intellectual character was also featured in Batman: The Animated Series, (voiced by actor John Glover), and The Batman, (voiced by Robert Englund).

Jim Parsons, who started his career by taking small roles in dozens of plays all over Texas, admitted that he is open to any project. He said that unlike Sheldon, he is very approachable and open minded. The Texan stated:

“I’ve always felt that just getting cast in anything — I’ve reflected back many times that any play I ever did, for free, in warehouses, anytime anybody wanted me to be in something, it was the kind of pat on the back that made me feel, ‘You’re on the right track; keep doing it.’”

Along with his Riddler dream, Jim Parsons has confessed to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that he has a crush on Rihanna. The two stars had appeared on numerous television shows to promote the film and Parsons has become attached to Rihanna. Jim Parsons revealed that not only is Rihanna great company, she smells like Heaven.
According to Parsons, Rihanna leaves her unmistakable scent behind wherever she goes

The 41-year-old, who is in love with Rihanna’s smell, explained:

“Rihanna smells so good, I am not kidding. She has a scent. To the point that at one point I took the elevator down to press in the hotel we were doing it in and I went [sniffs] “She was just in here, she was just in here”, and they were like, “No.” And I said, “Oh yeah.”

Parsons went on to add:

“And I went into press and I came in and I go “Were you just in the elevator? And she goes “Yeah”. And I go “I smelled you”.”

On the pop superstar, he concluded:

“She’s fantastic. I terribly miss her. I have this weird crush.”

From Rihanna, Jim Parsons moved to his induction onto Hollywood Boulevard. He shared:

“I made a much more serious and sombre speech.The whole thing had sort of a funeral aspect to it. It does! It’s like next time people talk about you like his, you won’t be here to see it, you know?”

When fans learned about the Jim Parsons Rihanna link, many asked will the singer appear on The Big Bang Theory one day?

Any producer thinking about having The Riddler in a movie, should definitely contact Parsons. Do you think he could play The Riddler? What are your thoughts on the Jim Parsons Rihanna link?


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  1. Tamra says:

    I think that’s a fabulous idea. As entertaining as Carry’s Riddler was, I think that Parsons could bring back the dignity to the character that evaporated the moment Jim Carry donned the leotard;

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