Jim Gaffigan Colonel Sanders: Comedian Fails To Impress Darrell Hammond And Norm MacDonald Fans

February 9, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jim Gaffigan as Colonel Sanders in the latest KFC ad has many fans saying bring back Norm MacDonald. During the Super Bowl KFC debuted a new ad, which featured a new Colonel Sanders played by the Comedy Central comedian where he is seen promoting the company’s new Nashville Hot Chicken.

Jim Gaffigan Colonel Sanders

Jim Gaffigan is the new Colonel Sanders, and the Internet is not thrilled. During Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night, KFC debuted a new ad for Nashville Hot Chicken. The company is now offering a $5.49 meal composed of fried chicken (customers have the choice between chicken tenders or chicken on the bone) coated with a spicy red crust, accompanied by pickle chips along with KFC’s signature biscuit, plus a side of coleslaw.

Kevin Hochman, KFC’s US chief marketing officer, bragged about the new hot chicken, and he said:

“Just like when buffalo chicken went crazy and more people made the pilgrimage to Anchor Bar [in Buffalo] to go try the real thing, I would expect pilgrimages to Nashville go way up after they discover this chicken.”

The new 30-second ad features Colonel Sanders played by Gaffigan waking from a nightmare in which Macdonald had stolen his identity. Gaffigan, who is passionate about cooking (he wrote “Dad Is Fat” and “Food: A Love Story”), is the third comedian to take on the role of Sanders. The fast food chain announced in the summer of 2015 it was bringing back the iconic figure of Colonel Harland David Sanders after 21 years of absence.

Darrell Hammond was the first to take on the role, followed by Norm MacDonald – there is no explanation as to why the other stars were fired. Hochman shared the reason they brought back Colonel Sanders to Kentucky Fried Chicken by saying:

“If you looked at social media over Halloween, there were zillions of Colonel Sanders costumes — not just kids, but adults.”

Indeed, the head of the company was right to bring back Sanders because the marketing campaign is responsible for sales growth of 3% in fiscal 2015 after plunging more than 15% two years earlier. The new ad featuring Gaffigan playing Colonel Sanders has received mixed reviews from customers with many saying they hate it, and they want Hammond back.

Here are few comments posted by chicken lovers:

“I miss Daryl Hammond, let’s start a petition.”

“Norm McDonald was the best Colonel in recent years, the last 2 were atrocious. Dont get rid of him! His wild personality was perfect. What is wrong with you people.”

“If you just fired Norm McDonald I’m going to protest… and become a vegan and eat duck instead.”

“Rumor has it that Lena Dunham is the new Colonel. By the way, the real Sanders who sold the company for only 2 million bucks hated the new KFC recipes. The company is now making 24 billion dollars.”

“If only Colonel Sanders’s ghost would come and haunt every KFC, that would be great.

What are your thoughts on Jim Gaffigan as Colonel Sanders?


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  1. Effie says:

    They’re all terrible. Sanders = creepy drunk uncle everyone avoids at your cousin’s graduation.

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