Jessica Simpson Weight Loss: Star Jessica Simpson Talks Weight, Love And Life On Today Show

September 25, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson weight loss was one of the main topics discussed during her interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show. Simpson tried to talk about her adorable kids, her marriage, being more addicted to her husband and changing her name, but Lauer really wanted to know about her baby weight struggle.

On Wednesday, Jessica Simpson weight loss was something Matt Lauer really wanted to talk about as he interviewed the business mogul.

Simpson tried not to stay too long on the subject and was able to share few details on what makes her feel sexy, how much she loves her adorable kids, and confess that she is more addicted to new husband Eric Johnson (who just celebrated his 35th birthday.)

Lauer revealed that he has read many harsh comments on blogs about Jessica Simpson’s weight struggle and went on to ask the mother of two what was her reaction to the criticism.

Simpson explained that she is a human being with feelings and emotions and therefore, she was hurt by some of the negative remarks on her body.

Simpson who was fat-shamed before, during and after her two pregnancies (she has stated that she is done having kids), which were about seven months apart explained:

“I’m not saying that they didn’t hurt. I’m a woman I have feelings I have hormones, I got emotional about it at times.

Mrs Simpson went on to reveal that she decided to use the mean words to motivate her to lose the weight and become a champion for other women and new moms who are struggling to shed weight.

“But if anything I just wanted to be champion for other women and say I can do this.”

Jessica Simpson weight loss success is credited to Weight Watchers, healthy eating habits and lots of exercising (it is rumored she works out almost every day to keep the weight off).

The singer turned fashion designer added that some nasty things that were said and written about her, pushed her to work hard and look as good as she did before. She also stated that the fat shamers expected her to look like she did when she was 25, which is a very high bar.

Lauer needed more details on Jessica Simpson weight loss struggles and asked if she was being held to a higher standard because she was a sex symbol.

Simpson replied that her husband always saw her as a sexy woman and made her feel good no matter what size she wore.

The former reality TV star eventually shifted from the weight loss talk to focus on her longtime lover and new husband, former NFL player Eric Johnson.

Lauer was curious to know why did Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson get married during the 4th of July weekend? Did it have something to do with the fact their two kids could have been asking questions later on about mom and dad not being married?

Simpson kept her composure and explained to the host that they were engaged for a long time and after having two adorable kids Ace and Maxwell they knew it was time.

Lauer asked did marriage change her relationship? Simpson said that it did, she now feels more addicted to her hubby and vice versa.

During the interview, she revealed that very soon, it will no longer be Jessica Simpson because she is changing her name to Jessica Johnson.

Simpson briefly spoke about her $1 billion Jessica Simpson Collection saying that along with her mother, they are determined to create clothes for women of all shapes and sizes.

Check out Jessica Simpson’s interview below where she talks about her weight loss, why she totes her tot, explains what makes her feel sexy and being more addicted to her man.


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