Jessica Barth Explains Love Scene From ‘Ted 2’

June 25, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Awkward is the word used by Jessica Barth to describe her love scene in Ted 2. Talking to a Chicago radio station, Barth, who plays Tami-Lynn, confessed that it was awkward and weird to make love to a stuffed animal because she was alone in the scene using Seth MacFarlane’s voice as a guide.

Jessica Barth love scene

Jessica Barth‘s love scene in Ted 2 prompted some to ask the question: Why do people – well mainly females like teddy bears? According to psychologist Christopher Peterson, in 1902, after former American President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear, a newspaper decided to mock his softness/weakness with a caricature.

The drawing inspired a company to make a cute and fuzzy stuffed animal called Teddy Bear. Peterson said adults and children love teddy bears because “it evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort. It’s human nature to crave these feelings from childhood to adult life.” With that being said, now back to Jessica Barth.

The actress recently sat down with WGN Radio in Chicago, Illinois to talk about her character, Tami-Lynn, in Ted 2, the joy of collaborating with Seth MacFarlane again, and she gave her thoughts on her scandalous sex scene with a teddy bear in the comedy.

Jessica Barth explained that it was quite difficult because she had to film the love scene all by herself.

“We get to rehearse with a stuffed animal, and then once we start filming they take the stuffed animal away, and you have to act with nothing.So you really, really have to do your work, and to make that believable is really challenging because there’s nothing there. There’s nothing to react off of.”

Barth added:

“You have to build the relationship, and I just tried to build the relationship as strongly as I could so I was triggered off of just hearing Seth’s voice. All the scenes where I have to kiss him, or have a love scene with him, they’re not so much challenging as [they are] awkward.”

She concluded by saying:

“It has its own little choreography- you have to put your hand here and your mouth here and your leg here and move your leg faster, and it’s so awkwardly choreographed. But it comes out and it looks so real that I’m blown away.”

In the same interview, she explained that MacFarlane is a genius and confessed that she loves playing Tami-Lynn because of her thick Boston accent.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Barth’s acting?


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