Jessica Arrendale Hides Baby: Slain Mom Hailed A Hero For Saving Baby Life By Hiding Her In Toilet

September 21, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Jessica Arrendale Hides Baby Antoine Davis

Jessica Arrendale hides baby in toilet to save her. Arrendale, a mother of two dies moments after she hides her baby girl in a toilet bowl and covers it with her body to protect the child from her attacker and former boyfriend Antoine Davis.

Jessica Arrendale, 33, used her last bit of strength and breath to save her baby girl Colbie Davis. The tragedy occurred last week in the 6200 block of Sawtooth Oak Court in Georgia.

According to the police, in the early hours of Sunday morning, Antoine Davis came home drunk and started fighting with his ex-girlfriend Arrendale.

The victim was at home with the couple’s 5-month-old daughter Colbie and Davis’ two young girls ages 9 and 10.

The former marine who was in nasty custody battle with Arrendale chased her to the second floor of their townhouse while she was holding the baby.

Antoine Davis eventually picked up a gun and broke the bathroom’s door where Arrendale was hiding with the baby. Jessica Arrendale attempted to protect herself and her baby with a baseball bat, but in vain.

The small woman was no match for the muscular former marine. Davis eventually shot Arrendale in the head, and by some miracle, before dying she was able to safely hide her baby in the toilet bowl and cover it with her body.

The 30-year-old ex-marine walked into the baby’s room and killed himself with a single gun shot to the head.

It took SWAT Team more than 13 hours to get in the home and rescue the baby who had suffered a minor head injury.

The baby was taken to the Children’s Health Care of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital, where she was treated for hypothermia.

The murderer’s former wife and the mother of his two oldest daughters, Tamaira Chesley told local media that since leaving the Marine Corps, Davis was depressed and the custody battle made matters worse.

Chesley said that one of her daughters told her that before the murder-suicide, the father looked at her in the eyes for several minutes without saying a word.

The child tried to ask what was wrong, but he never replied and ran to the bathroom where he killed Jessica Arrendale.

Police officers who arrived to the scene of the crime are baffled as to how Jessica Arrendale was able to save her baby seeing that she was shot in the head. Her mother thinks it has to do with willpower and the love she had for her child.

But few commentators believe that maybe the father threw the baby in the toilet because he simply could not kill her and Arrendale was trying to rescue her when she died.


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  1. lyn says:

    Where is Al Sharpton now ???

    • James says:

      if it was a withe that killed a black he would be out tyhere with all the other idiots crying foul

      • James says:

        sorry for the typo (white)

      • Mariann Pepitone says:

        You are so right. They marched like hell after that white cop killed that overgrown theif who thought he could just walk into a store and take what he wanted. Well, he won’t be doing that anymore. There are more white woman who marry blacks getting beat but you don’t read about it. They want to be the boss. He knew what he was doing and he intended to kill her. She should have left him years back before she had the baby. He needs to be put in an institution for several years. He is no good for any woman white or black.

        • Thank You! says:

          LOL!!! The World would Not be the same without YOU, and the others who have limited Brain power… HA… There would be no one to take advantage of, or use as tools if EVERYONE was Intelligent!

          Happily, there are Politicians everywhere grateful for your deficient gene pool.

          Please keep up the limited thinking; and

          Thanks for Playing your part 🙂

    • I see stupid people says:

      Lyn, you’re an asshat. This is not a race issue, this is a domestic violence issue, and an issue about veterans not having access to proper mental health care. Men of all races commit these types of crimes. Your flippant comment only shows what an idiot you are.

      • oh dear says:

        you need to change your name to “my family raises stupid people” Trayvon Martin was not a race case – it was a “violent scumbag criminal getting shot by his latino (not white) victim” case – and the death of a complete tool in ferguson MO was not a race case either – it was “yet another criminal maggot doing suicide by cop” case. People like you made these things race cases – so you can’t suddenly decide that when it’s a black on white killing – there’s no race issue and it’s magically “domestic violence” – Al Sharpton and his POS cronies make these things race issues so they can keep black people in servitude. Bottom line – Lyn is correct – if this had been a white guy killing his black girlfriend – you’d be screaming race and stealing an iPhone 6 in “protest”. I actually agree with you that it’s a domestic violence case – not a race issue – but that was not the point Lyn was making… so be mature about this and drop the namecalling crap.

        • Mariann Pepitone says:

          You are wrong. It was a race case that’s why Zimmerman went after him ignoring the warning not to follow him. And he is half white. He needed to be found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. But his day is coming and he will get the same as he gave Trayvon a young 17 year old minding his business walking to his father’s girlfriends house. Zimmerman has been in trouble recently and that’s not the firt time since he was found not guilty. He is nothing but a scumbug thinking he can rule the world.

          • killer tuna says:

            You can’t possibly be that stupid. Sir Skittles was on his way back from getting his ingredients for making his favorite drug “Lean”. According to the evidence provided by the cell towers, Martin made it home THEN went back after Zimmerman. Martin was a criminal thug who had been kicked out of his school. That’s why he was there with his dad in the first place. He got exactly what little thuggies deserve. Death.

      • I See Liberal People says:

        Um. I See Stupid People? Of course it’s not a race issue. But either was the situation in Ferguson, MO when Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson/the Rest of the Race Pushers tried to make it one. Lyn was being sarcastic to make a point. A very apt point, that contrasts the two fully NON-RACE situations, and how Liberals responded to each situation in such a hypocritical way. Just a suggestion, but you may want to read more slowly and react less quickly before calling people names. You know? The way Liberals always do?

      • Wake Up says:

        You are so right. That show the level of intellect of folks these days

      • dickhead says:

        could be true maby not did u know the couple brainiak

  2. Katie says:

    Everything is not about race and Al Sharpton. I am more concerned about the children and how this will impact their lives. Why aren’t you?

    • Missing Dinner says:

      We are concerned about the children, However the issue of race is what would start a riot or civil unrest. That should be the focus of the worries. unfortunately humanity is at a point where we are all to worried about making an issue where there doesn’t need to be. He was mentally unstable coward who got what he deserved and the family/children are the only people who should be effected, not Joe Schmoe who wants an issue so he can loot a new tv

  3. Armanuel Works says:

    My prayers to her family,and to ALL WOMEN WHO ARE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE.

  4. Necey says:

    He did the right thing killing himself.

  5. Mariann Pepitone says:

    He is mentally ill and should have been in a hospital for a few years not released from the Marine’s, she would have been living today. The problem with some blacks is that they want full control or else especially if the woman is white. This is not the first time. If she had killed him the blacks no doubt would be marching for her to get convicted like that white cop who shot that overgrown bully who thought he could do into a store and take what he wanted. He needs to be sitting in the electric chair letting the juice put him away.

  6. bill says:

    Where is the outrage from Holder or Obama about this Black guy shooting a white person??????

  7. Lynn says:

    Nice to see all these intellegent adults stay on topic! Everything that happens is only tied to something else when you tie them together, stop doing that and it will stop happening but be part of the change instead of internet crying! My prayers go out to both families because no one is without tears after this story.

  8. dickhead says:

    I will tell you where al Sharpton is he is with joe Jackson promoting a new FAILED record label at a Hollywood premier and celebrity dinner

  9. Inez says:

    My sister has a son by him while they served in the Marines together, he didn’t want anything to do with his son and kept it from his own family. My sister has been providing for him ever since. I’m glad my nephew will not remember this tragic incident about his father. He is an amazing kid. I also served in the Marines and it’s disappointing that someone didn’t catch the signs of a troubled situation. My condolence for anyone who has been affected by this incident.

  10. Vususmuzi says:

    big penis for white women that’s how they like it.

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