Jeremy Clarkson Fired From ‘Top Gear’ By BBC

March 25, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame was fired by the BBC, despite a petition calling for his return that has now reached over one million signatures. The petition, which was started by a fan and conservative blogger named Guido Fawkes, is demanding that BBC ends Clarkson’s suspension despite the rumors that he knocked out a producer while on the set of the popular show.

Jeremy Clarkson petition


It has been revealed Jeremy Clarkson will be fired from Top Gear. Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC, will make the announcement on Wednesday after considering the findings of an internal investigation.

Jeremy Clarkson‘s petition asking for his reinstatement has hit an incredible milestone – over 1,020,000 supporters have signed it. Earlier this month, Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from the hit BBC series Top Gear.

The 22nd season of the show was also cancelled because of Clarkson’s action. According to several reports, while filming an episode of the show, Jeremy Clarkson punched Oisin Tymon, one of the producers.

It is claimed that Clarkson grew frustrated over the fact that he did not receive the correct amount of food he demanded. The incident lead to the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson for an indefinite period.

The BBC issued a statement that revealed that a fracas lead them to taking action against Clarkson. The network said:

“Following a fracas with a BBC producer, Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended pending an investigation. No one else has been suspended. Top Gear will not be broadcast this Sunday. We will be making no further comment at this time.”

The cult show made it in the Guinness World Records 2013 Edition book, with over 350 million global viewers per week. The Top Gear franchise has been sold to 170 different countries including France, America, South Korea, China, Russia and Australia.

With such a following, it did not take long for a fan to start a petition asking for the return of the controversial host. Less than a week ago, Guido Fawkes, a conservative political blogger from, (the British version of The Drudge Report), started a petition. The petition read:

We the undersigned petition the BBC to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson.

Freedom to fracas.


In a matter of days, over 1 million people signed it. Guido Fawkes gave an update, saying that the Jeremy Clarkson petition was delivered to BBC’s headquarters in London on Friday in an armored tank. Fawkes revealed:

“Today at 16:52 the petition to “Bring Back Clarkson” to the BBC passed the million signatures mark…

Tanks! Yes, tanks, we Stig drove a tank to deliver the petition to the BBC.”

The network has yet to comment on the petition, but Clarkson gladly tweeted:

Clarkson appeared at a charity auction in London Thursday night, where he slammed BBC for more or less firing him. He said:

“BBC have f*cked themselves, they have ruined a great show.”

Jeremy Clarkson, who has been hosting the show for over 30 years, went on to add:

“I didn’t foresee my sacking, but I would like to do one last lap.So I’ll go down to Surrey, and I’ll do one last lap of that track before the f*cking bastards sack me. I’ll be a bit tearful when I do it.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron stepped out to support Jeremy Clarkson by telling the very network that fired him:

“I don’t know exactly what happened. He’s a constituent of mine, a friend of mine. He’s a huge talent.Because he is such a huge talent and he amuses and entertains so many people, including my children, who’d be heartbroken if ‘Top Gear’ was taken off air, I hope this can be sorted out, because it’s a great program and he’s a great talent.”

While the show is presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, only one of them is often making headlines. Jeremy Clarkson has made an array of racist and inappropriate comments that can be read here.

According to some commentators, the Jeremy Clarkson petition will probably not succeed in getting him reinstated. What are your thoughts on Clarkson possibly getting fired? Do you think Top Gear can survive without him?


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  1. MG says:

    Love the show and the hosts. But seriously he hit someone because he didn’t get enough food on his plate? Has the intelligence to get a second helping? The BBC didn’t F**k themselves, Jeremy did it himself. Here’s a novel idea: Grow the F**k up! What is he anyway? He’s what 60 years old? He’s a wanker

  2. Pete says:

    Pathetic of the BBC. Let’s bow under the pressure of the few. 300 odd million people world-wide can’t be wrong. So how many people were there that caused the BBC to make one of the most potentially devistating decisions in their history? Me thinks somewhat less than 300 million. Why are we paying for TV licences? The best form of censorship if you do not agree with something is called the “OFF” switch on your TV. RIP BBC.
    Was it the producer’s job to order the meals? Seems to me if you can’t do yourjob you should be fired as well. Too many PC idiots around, all too sensitive over just about anything. How about we all stop living so as not to offend anyone?

  3. Bill says:

    I have no sympathy for him. I work for the US Postal Service, where they treat employees like slaves, tell them they have no rights, specifically tell them they are not allowed to call their senator or representative in the House, and that they can fire you on a whim. They suspend people because they ‘gave me a dirty look’ constantly harass threaten and intimidate their employees, violate OSHA standards, create the most hostile hate filled work environment possible, lie and stab people in the back and then claim it’s your fault. Clarkson should get a job at the PO, then his sorry ass might appreciate how good he has it

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