Max Photobombs Jennifer Lopez Selfie Without Makeup

July 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jennifer Lopez Selfie With Son

Jennifer Lopez selfie was photobombed by her son. This week Jennifer Lopez wanted to share a no makeup selfie with her fans when her 6-year-old son Max decided to squeeze himself into the shot.

Jennifer Lopez selfie with Max is cute. On Thursday Jennifer Lopez wanted to please her 3 Million followers on Instgram by sharing a no makeup sellfie, but her son Max had other plans.

Dressed in a white robe, with her sandy locks pulled back in a bun and with no makeup (if you look closely it appears that Lopez might be wearing a bit of natural colored foundation), Jennifer Lopez sat poolside before breakfast in her home in The Hamptons ready for her selfie.

Lopez’s 6-year-old son Maximillian David better known as Max rapidly joined his mom in the shot and therefore photobombed her selfie.

The American Idol judge was more than happy to have Max in the photo, according to her caption.

In her caption the mother of Twins Max and Emme explained:

Photobomb by my favorite boy!! #mamalove #foreverlove #breakfastoutside #perfectday

J. Lo who had a very busy year promoting her latest album A.K.A, pushing her NUVOtv cable channel and performing all over the world including in Brazil at the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup is currently enjoying a well deserved vacation in the Hamptons with her best friend Leah Remini.

Jennifer Lopez Selfie

The diva shared numerous pictures of her summer activities with Leah Remini.

The pair have been shopping in luxury stores in New York and Connecticut.

The pals have been spending a lot time pool side, tanning and relaxing while showing off their sexy bikini bodies (see Jennifer Lopez’s hot red bikini photo below).

They have also made it a habit to prank each other.

Leah Remini filmed Lopez without her knowledge while she was getting ready to go for a swim and the singer returned the favor by catching the actress on camera rapping to Kanye West and Jay-Z song Clique as they drove around the Big Apple.


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