Jennifer Lopez Concert Backlash: Music Star Jennifer Lopez Sued After Hot Show In Morocco

June 9, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jennifer Lopez faces concert backlash, gets sued, and might even go to jail. Authorities in Morocco are fuming over Lopez’s recent racy performance at the Mawazine Festival, and have announced that they are launching an investigation into the matter and if indeed JLo’s performance was “a breach of public decency,” she along with the concert promoter could land behind bars for one year.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez faces concert backlash after wearing risqué costumes on stage. Last week, Lopez and all of her fabulous curves took the stage at the Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco.

The diva performed all of her hit songs in front of 160,000 concert-goers and millions more watching at home. Despite being in a Muslim country, Jennifer Lopez wore her usual almost indecent costumes and delivered the same scandalous dance moves that she does in her clips and while performing in more liberal countries.

According to local media, an unnamed education group has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez and the local promoter because she “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.” If found guilty, Lopez could go to jail for a year.

Along with the lawsuit, the government has decided to attack Lopez because of her performance where she made “suggestive poses” and was “scantily” dressed, this was “a breach of public decency.”

Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane has ordered an investigation into the matter and has demanded that the Minister of Communication Mustapha Khalfi, who allowed the show to be televised be fired. Benkirane said via Twitter:

“education, culture and communications committee of parliament hold a meeting to discuss why the show was broadcast.”

According to Mr. Benkirane “what was broadcast is unacceptable and goes against broadcasting law.” Few years ago, Lopez was slammed for a low-cut bathing suit that she wore when she performed on Britain’s Got Talent. Lopez answered the mini-concert backlash at the time by saying:

“It was a body suit. A lot of performers wear those these days. It’s stage clothes. I’m not going to walk down the street like that.”

Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Madonna have been forced in the past to cover up as they performed in Asian and African countries.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Lopez’s concert backlash?

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  1. Harold J says:

    Jennifer Lopez, forget about those crazy muslims they are inly interested in 99 virgins, come to my house instead, and you can howerever you like. I’ll even tip you.

  2. Clean Sanchez says:

    Mama looks good for age and she should show it. Who ever is hitting that is one lucky perrrrro.

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