Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Share Her Makeup-Free Video

February 5, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jennifer Lopez, aka JLO, and Casper Smart decided to do a Dubsmash video, and the universe goes insane because she is makeup-free. At 46, Lopez appeared with flawless skin, as she sang her “white girl’s anthem,” which had a lot to do with food and drinks.

Jennifer Lopez No Makeup

Jennifer Lopez adds another accomplishment to her long résumé – she is stunning without makeup. Lopez is famous for many things, her impressive abs, her sexy dance moves, her countless musical hits, and her perfect looks on the red carpet – but this week she decided to reveal another talent – her rapping skills.

Casper Smart, who is Lopez’s boyfriend and back up dancer, shared a Dubsmash video where the duo appeared to be relaxing in bed. Smart is shirtless and holds the camera as Lopez, who is wearing a furry robe while her hair is done up in a bun, takes on the role of the “valley girl” and uses a silly voice to rap/sing about Starbucks, Chipotle, and even yoga pants.

While the song is funny, what catches the universe’s attention is the fact that the 46-year-old mom of two is au naturel, and her skin is flawless. Mr. Smart, who knew there would be comments about Lopez’s face sans makeup, captioned the post:

“Chill everyone… This is for fun & humor.. Wtf do you look like without make up??? Cause she got flawless skin without any!!! #dubsmash #starbucks #chipotle #yogapants #morestarbucks #yasssss #whitegirlsanthem.”

In an interview last year, Lopez revealed the real secret to looking young. She said:

“I never took sun when I was younger. I wasn’t a drinker, I didn’t smoke. But I feel like at the core, it’s how you feel inside and who you are inside kind of shows on your face. Sleep is very important, I get my seven to eight hours sleep no matter what.”

The video has gone viral, and some are applauding Lopez for being confident enough to show herself in public bare-faced, while others are insulting her. One person said:

“Sorry to say this, because I know this is going to be extremely rude but without a great make-up artist I don’t believe Lopez would be mega star and sex symbol. Just saying people.the wonders of make up.”

Another added:

“OMFG, Jennifer Lopez is s ugly in that video, is she on heroine?? did she get any surgeries done??? her make-up artist is a magician! i need to hire him, do kim and beyonce look like that too??”

A fan came out to support the diva:

“J. LO has beautiful bone structure and flawless skin. She looks 30 to me, let the woman live a little”

One person wrote:

“Miss Lopez is always confident and it shows. What she did was brave and she should be applauded to show her true beauty and imperfection like that. Like her boyfriend said, why r u dissing her, how do you look when you wake up in the morning?”

Moreover, another shared:

“She look hot as hell.”

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Lopez’s makeup-free video?

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