Jennifer Garner Pregnant? Some Say Yes, Some Say No

August 5, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jennifer Garner Pregnant Pic

Jennifer Garner pregnant? The answer might be yes or no depending on who you ask. Over the weekend, Garner looked very pregnant as she busied around California. Mrs Garner was seen shopping around Los Angeles, wearing a tight stripped shirt that showed off what appeared to be a baby bump. Many insiders confirmed that Ben Affleck and his wife are expecting their fourth child. While one source seem adamant that Jennifer is not pregnant and has no plans to have kids in the near future.

Is Jennifer Garner pregnant? That is a good question. Here is what we know.

On Saturday, the Juno actress was spotted in Beverly Hills in a black and white top that showed a baby bump.

You could easily tell that Jen is about three to four months pregnant.

The Men, Women & Children star was photographed on Sunday, with her three children Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2, in Brentwood leaving a birthday party.

Despite wearing a loose fitting top, it was hard to miss Mrs Ben Affleck pregnant belly.

For several weeks now, rumors have been running high claiming that Affleck and Garner were on the verge of a split and the star decided to have another child to save her 9-year-marriage (this is the second time she apparently decided to have a baby to save her marriage).

Reports claimed that Jen was having a hard time with her husband gambling problems, but she loves him and their family and is doing all she can to make it work.

An anonymous close friend of the duo spoke to People magazine saying that while it is true that Garner is bothered by Affleck’s constant gambling, she is a patient wife and the relationship is solid.

Another pal stepped out and spoke to Gossip Cop saying that Garner is not pregnant.

There is a possibility that Jennifer is pregnant and her so called friend is not aware of it.

Most celebrities (Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis) spend months hiding and lying about their pregnancies and share the news with the world only when they feel ready.

Garner seems more pregnant than not.


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