Jennifer Aniston Wants To Drop Five Pounds

August 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jennifer Aniston Weight

Jennifer Aniston wants to drop five pounds but her supporters think, she is perfect the way she is. Aniston weight revelation is surprising. In a new interview, Aniston confessed that her ideal weight is between 110 and 113 pounds. Aniston said to get to the perfect weight, she avoids eating bread and of course she works out regularly.

Jennifer Aniston has decided to reveal her weight to the world. The Good Girl actress sat down with Yahoo Beauty’s Bobbi Brown, for a lengthy interview where she talked about plastic surgery, her weight, her favorite jeans, her famous hair, her exercise routine and the fact that she does not care what people on the internet think about her.

Aniston told the publication that at 5ft 5in, she is comfortable and happy when she weighs between 110 and 113 pounds but would love to drop an extra 5 pounds.

The Office Space star maintains her ideal weight by exercising every day, drinking only water, eating healthy and by having bread or bagel every weekend.

The Echo Films founder stated now that she is a bit older, she has to put in some extra efforts to stay in shape.

Jen shared that she has never had plastic surgery or botox injections, to her face because fiancé Justin Theroux would “put a gun” to her head.

Other than the fear of being murdered by Theroux, Aniston said that she has seen what going under the knife has done to some of friends (did she just throw Courtney Cox under the bus?) and she has no interest on taking that same path.

Furthermore her father and grandmother are sources of inspiration to her.

Her 81-year-old dad has no wrinkles on his face, because he drinks a lot of water and sleeps well.

The diva added that the best way to have flawless skin is to use good skin care occasionally.

The 45-year-old also spoke about her hair (Aniston shared a picture of her fishtail braid on Instagram and it went viral, you can check it out below.)

The California beauty, revealed she mainly relies on a good old brush and hair drier to create the get out of bed look.

She gave a rather unusual secret to looking great in jeans and t-shirt, have them tailored.


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