Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Evans New Haircut Gets Blasted

September 8, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jenelle Evans Son Hair

Jenelle Evans son, 5-year-old Jace has a new haircut and it is creating controversy. Last weekend, Evans took to Instagram where she posted a photo of her son, Jace’s new mohawk. The pics went viral and like always Evans was slammed for being a bad mother.

Jenelle Evans son debuts new haircut and a whole lot of drama ensues.

On Saturday, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took to Twitter and Instagram where she shared two pictures of her son’s new semi-shaved head.

In the first picture Evans’ 5-year-old son can be seen in red pajamas decorated with black reindeer playing in the bathroom after taking a bath.

The little boy grimaced for the camera while holding a toy flag. Jace’s regular haircut was gone, he is now sporting a mohawk.

Evans took her son to a barber who shaved the sides and left a strip of hair in the middle.

The second photo, is a close up of Jace’s shaved sides as he sits on the beach enjoying a snack. The happy mother captioned the photo:

Jace got a Mohawk!

It did not take long for the pictures to go viral and for Evans to be slammed by hundreds of Twitter users.

One person slammed Evans by saying that she was a horrible mother because she let her kid get a radical haircut that will lead to him being a thug or a hooligan later in life.

Another claimed that the mother-of-two had no authority over her son, because she was not able to tell him no at the barber shop.

One commentator asked Evans did she give her son a razor and let him shave his skull?

One particular tweet that most likely hurt the reality star’s feelings, said that Evans will never get custody of Jace if she keeps making bad parenting choices like that.

Evans seemed amused by the numerous tweets related to her son’s hair. She retweeted many of the mean and funny comments and replied by saying, that it is just hair and it will grow back.

Evans went to tell her haters, “keep talking and keep entertaining me.”

But few did defend Jenelle Evans’ son new mohawk by saying that they should leave the kid and his mom alone.

And asked, what is wrong with a 5-year-old kid getting a haircut that he likes to go back to school?

What do you think of Jenelle Evans son mohawk?


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  1. savannah says:

    This is so stupid. It is just hair. It will grow back. It would be totally different if she got her kid a tattoo or something permanent. Get over it people.

  2. Melissa says:

    There must be a lot of bad mothers around where I live then because there are quite a few little boys running around with mohawks. I do believe it is the new fad with the elementary school boys, so why should her son be any different? If he didn’t like it the hair cut, it would be a whole different story, but in the picture he appears to be enjoying himself and happy.

  3. Denielle C says:

    Seriously??? People are upset over his hair because of what exactly? He’s five… I’ve seen lots of kids with this haircut at five and even earlier. So what! Hair does grow back,if you didn’t know .. and a little kid mohawk have stayed popular forever..I feel like people will continue to talk crap about Jenelle no matter what she does, good or bad. She seems to be on the right track right now and that’s great! People need to just get a life and stop worrying over a little kid getting their hair chopped.. Hey, Jenelle, your son is adorable, he looks super cute with his mohawk, and I’m sure there will be several little boys with the same look! All three of my sons (all are grown) had the same look,begged me to have the cut! It looked super cute on them, but grew out before months end. So, whatever,people are so judgmental when they have no right to be. Just keep ignoring the jerks!

  4. Janna says:

    I find this so hilarious, obviously people don’t get out much, Mohawks on boys, and even young ones have been quite the trend over the last few years, I have seen it often while in public and at my own kids schools. This is just another example of no matter what this woman does, someone isn’t going to be happy. sad LOL

  5. June says:

    Yeah she has a lot to learn still about being a mom, but really I doubt very seriously if This hair cut will effect this boy in years to come, cut her some slack all you perfect parents, it’s not easy being human.

  6. Patti says:

    I must be a horrible mother because all 3 of my sons have had a Mohawk at one time or another. Several times each actually.

  7. Don R. Shaw, Jr. says:

    What are people complaining about for gosh sake. A little boy got a Mohawk haircut – big deal. I almost did the same thing, but of course that was 75 years ago, and I’ve managed not to be a thug, hoodlum or drug addict. I did manage a JD degree in school, and had 5 beautiful children and a very lovely wife, I guess, all in spite of thinking about getting a Mohawk. I did get a Crew cut and survived that. As they say, “Get a Life”

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