Jeff Hardy Knocked Out After Fall: TNA Impact Wrestling’s Lockdown Injury Caught On Video

January 11, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jeff Hardy fell during the taping of TNA Impact Wrestling’s Lockdown. The fall, which took place outside of a steel cage, was so epic and shocking that many who support Jeff Hardy are wondering: Is it time for the 37-year-old family man to call it quits?

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy took a nasty fall while taping TNA Impact Wrestling’s Lockdown that is set to air on Destination America.

The incident involving Hardy took place at the Manhattan Center in New York on Friday night. Jeff Hardy and his brother, Matt Hardy, were fighting for the TNA World Tag Team Championship against Revolution, composed of Manik, James Storm, and Sanada, inside of a giant steel cage.

According to fans, who witnessed the fight, Jeff Hardy had climbed to the top of the cage, where he was attacked by Sanada.

So far, both Hardy and his opponent, were following a well-written script. Jeff Hardy was supposed to fall to the floor, where Koya was awaiting to smash him on a table.

But instead of landing on the ground, Jeff Hardy accidentally hit the steel steps, and was knocked out for few seconds.

He eventually regained consciousness and continued the match while enduring excruciating pain. The Hardy Boys lost the match; and therefore, Revolution kept the TNA tag team championship.

Here is how the epic Jeff Hardy fall occurred:

“The Hardys vs. James Storm and Abyss for the Tag Team Titles is next. The only way to win is pinfall or submission. Manik comes down and climbs over the cage. Matt Hardy pulls him over and Manik gets handcuffed to the cage. Storm climbed on top of Abyss at one point and jumped down with an elbow drop on Matt. Hardy got out of the cage somehow later on and was attacked by The Revolution. Jeff Hardy went for a splash off the top but got hit by mist from Sanada. Storm hit his finisher to retain. Koya slams Matt through a table. They put Jeff on a table in the ring for Manik to put him through but Manik misses. Jeff tries to escape the cage but ends up taking a nasty bump off the door onto the steel stairs. Storm assaults Jeff some more before they leave. Storm runs back out and hits Jeff on the ramp as referees are helping him to the back.”

Jason Solomon, writer for PW Mania, confirmed that after the match, Jeff Hardy sought medical attention for the pain.

Mr Hardy has also taken the wise decision to see a neurologist for the head injury, he suffered during the fall. Do not expect to see Hardy during the upcoming tour in the United Kingdom. Solomon tweeted:

At the age of 37 years old, with a wife and a young daughter, many of Jeff Hardy’s fans are saying maybe it is time to stop those crazy dives.

Others are even saying that Jeff Hardy should retire. What are your thoughts on the Jeff Hardy fall?


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