Jeb Bush Big Boy Pants Comment About Donald Trump Could Mark A Shift In Strategy

October 2, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

American politics has reached a new low with Jeb Bush barking at Donald Trump to put on his “big boy pants” because he and Marco Rubio know how to put on their big boys pants on. Mr. Bush slammed Trump during a recent campaign stump because he was unhappy that the reality star mocked his friendship with Mr. Rubio.

Jeb Bush big boy pants

At a rally in Bedford, New Hampshire, Jeb Bush went after his rival and worst nightmare better known as Donald Trump by asking him to stop being so childish and to put on his big boy pants.

This week, Bush and Trump held rallies in New Hampshire just miles apart where they slammed each other over countless topics. The men clashed over what should America do with the Syrian refugees fleeing their country.

The former Florida governor said that Americans should extend a hand to those running away from the war-torn country, while the real estate mogul said to send them all back home. The Republicans also disagreed on how to handle ISIS and what to do with Bashar Hafez al-Assad and Vladimir Putin.

Trump, who has a habit of calling out Bush over his so-called “low energy,” is finally getting under his skin, prompting a rather harsh answer. Mr. Bush stated:

“Trump is of a big-dog, loud-talking, insulting leadership…My energy comes from helping people have a chance to live the lives that the want. … The kind of leadership we need is servant leadership.”

Trump, who was in Keene, New Hampshire, found a new and silly angle to attack Bush – his friendship with Senator Marco Rubio. The controversial figure bluntly told the crowd:

“They hate each other. It’s political bulls***.”

After the event, Bush was asked to comment on what Trump said, and he did not hold back. He stated:

“Marco can put his big boy pants on. I know I can … We’re friends. I can take criticism. He can as well. Donald seems to have a harder time taking criticism. And he probably needs to put on his big boy pants, too. He’s running for president of the United States. He ought to take a little incoming. He’s great at giving it out. Donald Trump has no knowledge about my relationship with Marco Rubio.”

During the same brief interview, Bush also disputed the claims made by Trump that he only had 150 people at the meeting. Apparently there were 200 voters at the gathering. Trump bragged that he had 3,564 attendees, and there were hundreds more lining up to get inside, but it was not possible because space was too small.

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