Jamie Lynn France Arrest: Former Miss Teen Jamie Lynn France Arrested

November 23, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

A new Jamie Lynn France arrest is being used by law enforcement as a deterrent for the use of drugs. The 2009 Miss Teen Oregon-World was arrested in Salem, Oregon for possession of meth and heroin.

Jamie Lynn France arrest

Jamie Lynn France arrested and charged with one count each of possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin and possession of suboxene. This is the second arrest for France in less than a year, the former beauty queen was previously involved in a head-on crash that lead to a DUII citation. The accident took place in January.

France’s Wednesday arrest was part of a Keizer Police Department drug bust, which got two other people arrested, according to the Keizer Times. Erin Marie Wells, 37, and Jarrod Thomas Wells, also 37, were caught in this bust. The three individuals were booked at the Marion County Correctional Facility. France was released on a $30,000 bail.

The before and after pictures of 23-year-old Jamie Lynn France are now being used by police to illustrate the dangers of drugs and some commentators say that this controversial tactic is quite effective. Law enforcement officials said in a statement:

“The Keizer Police Department would like to take this opportunity to caution against the use of illegal controlled substances because of the terrible long-term affects to the user, their families and our communities. Jamie France, formerly of Redmond, Oregon, was the 2009 winner of the Miss Teen Oregon-World competition. We have included photographs taken both before as well as following the abuse of controlled substances for each of the people arrested in this case.”

Jamie Lynn France’s arrest was part of a five-month investigation that started with a tip in June. According to sources, additional arrests are to be expected in this case.

Although France’s postings on social media did not indicate that she had a problem with drugs, in August she did ask for help and said that 2014 was not turning out as she had hoped for. In one update, she shared:

“Damn 2014 has been such an insensitive and merciless year for me so far.. Starting right off the bat with my car accident which I almost died in..Then losing my job, as well as losing a family member.. Filled with lots of heart break and anguish.. When am I gonna get a break? I feel like it’s definitely my turn for some good karma to come my way soon. Pretty sure this has been the most painful year yet. I need all my old friends to help me through this shit! Let’s skip to 2015, I have a feeling it will be a better year by far.”

Family and friends are hoping that the latest Jamie Lynn France arrest will signal the beginning of a new phase in her life.

Jamie Lynn France


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  1. bottlesflying says:

    Since the court system favors female defendants, she’ll get off with a slap on the kunt.

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