Jamie Foxx To Play Tyson In Upcoming Movie About Iron Mike

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Jamie Foxx To Play Tyson

Jamie Foxx is set to play Mike Tyson in an upcoming film, that will be produced by Foxx’s manager Rick Yorn. Terence Winter who worked on Wolf of Wall Street, will serve as screenwriter on the project.

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, is set to play legendary boxer Mike Tyson in an as-yet-untitled movie. Although an official statement has not been released, Foxx did seem to confirm the news, when he posted a picture on Instagram alongside Tyson one week ago.

Tyson himself, announced the biopic during an appearance on Vice’s “The Jim Norton Show” on July 23. The former boxing champion said that the actor would soon go to the gym and get “beefed-up” for the part. Tyson said:

“me and Jamie Foxx, we are going to do a movie about me.”

The former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, explained that the same technology used in 2008’s film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to make Brad Pitt appear younger will be used in this film, since Foxx, 46, is only two years younger than Iron Mike. This probably means that the movie will cover a big part of Tyson almost 30 years presence in popular culture.

Tyson who had to steal to survive as a young boy, went on to become the youngest boxer to win the three heavyweight titles, at the age of 20 in 1986. Tyson grossed over $300 million in his career, including several main event fights at over $30 million.

Unfortunately for the boxing legend, his highs matched his lows. Tyson spent three years in jail, after being found guilty in the Desiree Washington rape case. He had a very difficult marriage to actress Robin Givens, who accused him of being extremely violent. He denied the charges and blasted Givens for being only interested in his money.

Tyson faced money problems in recent years, although he now seems to be making a comeback. In 2013, Tyson published a best selling book titled “Undisputed Truth.” The former athlete has been hitting the speaking circuit lately with great success.

The boxer who is a recovering alcoholic was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He famously bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear during a boxing match. This incident is considered to this day, one of the most controversial moments in sports. Tyson’s life is the perfect Hollywood movie. It will be interesting to see if all of it will be addressed.

The Tyson biopic will not be Foxx’s first foray into a boxing character. He portrayed Drew Bundini Brown in 2001’s Muhammad Ali biopic Ali. The multifaceted talent also played Tyson many times on “In Living Color.”

HBO brought Tyson’s life to the small screen in 1995’s movie Tyson. Michael Jai White is the one who played Tyson back then.

It will be first time that his life is told via a feature film. Few people are skeptical about the idea of Jamie Foxx playing Mike Tyson. For starter, they find he’s not strong enough physically, to do justice to Tyson who some used to call a beast. Others say, that it would have been nice, if the part had been offered to a younger actor in need of a career bump.

A movie about Tyson life if well done, has the potential to be both an artistic success and a hit with audiences around the globe.

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