James Lowe Vermont: Jury Duty Prank Almost Landed Man In Jail

June 11, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

James Lowe, a Vermont man, escaped jury duty by wearing a prisoner costume. Lowe, a prankster and family man, was dismissed by the judge after he showed up in court wearing a black-and-white-striped prison uniform with a beanie.

James Lowe Vermont jury duty

James Lowe, a family man, was dismissed from jury duty by dressing up as a detainee. Mr. Lowe showed up at the Caledonia County Courthouse in St. Johnsbury, Vermont ready for a Halloween party – except it was June 9.

James Lowe wore a prison uniform composed of a jumpsuit with black and white horizontal stripes. An inmate number was stamped on the front pocket with matching beanie and boots to complete the jury selection look.

The judge was not amused and immediately called him to his office where he scolded the man and told him to leave. Talking to local media, Lowe said that the judge tried to scare him by saying that he could have been found in contempt of court – which implied a fine or even jail time.

Lowe said he was fully aware that his action was silly, but he also knew that there would not be any punishment. The clever man stated that he read the juror instructions thoroughly and found out that they did not restrict clothing.

So, why did the Vermont man risk jail time to get out of jury duty? He said his work schedule and family obligations prevented him from attending the trial.

James Lowe could have escaped his civil duties using the following methods:

The George Carlin technique, his advice for getting out of jury duty? Tell the judge you’ll make a great juror, as you can spot guilty people just by looking at them.

If that does not work, try:

Mention the right of a jury to “veto.” If selected to be on a jury, the judge will ask you to swear to find a verdict based solely on the facts presented in court. Refuse to swear this on the grounds that the jury has a right to find a verdict as they see fit.

Alternatively, play stupid or smart:

A more respectable alternative to the above “play stupid” tactics is to “play smart.” Many attorneys want jurors they can persuade one way or the other. Try to show education, intelligence, and logical reasoning.

James Lowe could have acted stubbornly, and ask them to move the date of the trial, or prove that he could not serve on a jury for financial reasons.

What are your thoughts on James Lowe’s prank?


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  1. Pinned Head says:

    That is one funny story but this man could have been arrested for his foolishness.

  2. Mark says:

    There are certain “obligations” imposed on us as a free people. Two of the most important are voting and serving on a jury. All types of legal reasons can be found to be excused from jury duty and not to exercise your right to vote. However, by doing so, the individual loses the moral high ground in any discussion or opinion expressed regarding matters resolved in court or by election. Not that it matters to Mr. Lowe, or others like him, but these actions make them poor citizens in their community, state, and country.

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