James Jones Murdered: Aspiring Doctor Killed, Murder Linked To Craigslist Ad

February 13, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

James Jones murdered by three men who were supposed to sell him an iPhone 6. James Jones, 21, who was studying to become a doctor, was lured to his death by Jordan Baker, Jonathon Myles, and Kaylnn Ruthenberg via a fake advertisement on Craigslist.

James Jones Murdered

James Jones was murdered in Georgia by three men who were selling an iPhone via Craigslist. On Monday, James Jones, a 21-year-old Clark University student, left his home to meet three men who were selling an iPhone 6 via Craigslist.

Mr James Jones Jr., who was from Florida, was robbed and shot while trying to make the purchase. According to the police, after being shot, Jones’ car went forward and crashed into a tree. Investigators were initially called for a car accident before learning what had happened.

Georgia authorities have arrested Jordan Baker, 18, Jonathon Myles, 19, and Kaylnn Ruthenberg, 21, and they have been charged with murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. The criminals told officers that they had no phone to sell.

Officer David Baldwin, who interrogated the suspects said:

“It was an illegitimate ad he was responding to and he did not know the sellers. This has to stop. There’s nothing on the Internet for sale that’s worth your life. It was set up for them to rob whoever showed up.”

James Jones was a chemistry student at Clark Atlanta University, who was dreaming of becoming a doctor one day. Mr Jones loved sports, carried a 3.0 grade-point average, and was known as the sharp dresser on campus.

He played football in high school and served as a mentor at several elementary and middle schools around his hometown. Clark Atlanta University issued a statement on the tragic event:

“Clark Atlanta University today mourns the death of junior chemistry major James E. Jones, a native of Daytona Beach, Fla., who maintained a cumulative 3.0 GPA. Mr. Jones was killed [Monday] while visiting Marietta, Ga. In a show of respect to his family and close friends, the university will first reach out to these individuals before finalizing any memorial tributes. Details for a memorial service are forthcoming.”

It continued:

“This is a devastating loss for the Clark Atlanta University family. Mr. Jones was a serious scholar and a kind, engaging spirit whose work and comportment spoke well of the university’s core values and those long ago instilled in him by those contributing to his upbringing. In addition to his studies, he was a UPS Scholar at Fickett Elementary School and a science mentor for the HBCU Rising Cares Mentoring Program at Brown Middle School. He also was an amateur athlete.

Please keep Mr. Jones, his family and close friends and the CAU Chemistry Department in your thoughts and prayers as you go about your routines this afternoon. Details on the university’s plans to remember Mr. Jones will be announced later this week.”

Answering ads on Craigslist can be extremely dangerous; few weeks ago, an elderly couple, Bud and June Runion of Georgia, were killed after meeting the sellers of a vintage 1966 Ford Mustang convertible.

James Jones’s murder has reignited the debate about the dangers of using sites like Craigslist without the proper vetting.


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  1. bmike says:

    Sad story young man trying to do what’s right go to school be something in this world for his life to be taken like this. But God will place judgement on these people that take a innocent life. The should rot in prison for the rest of the miserable lives.

  2. BlueGum Bushman says:

    How was he an “aspiring doctor” when he wasn’t even in medical school?

    Was he also an “aspiring astronaut” because he looked up at the stars one night?

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