James Cavallaro Abduction Receptionist: Sharon Wise Foils Abduction Of Young Girl

December 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

James Cavallaro’s abduction plans were foiled by a receptionist named Sharon Wise. A quick-thinking receptionist at a Maine museum was able to stop the abduction of a little girl by Cavallaro.

James Cavallaro Abduction Receptionist

James Cavallaro‘s abduction attempt foiled by a receptionist and the story grabs headlines. The family members of a 2-year-old girl in Maine are calling Sharon Wise, the receptionist of the Maine State Museum, a hero.

On Thursday at around 11 AM, a grandmother took her granddaughter to visit the Maine State Museum where James Cavallaro attempted to kidnap the child.

According to Chief Russell Gauvin of the Bureau of Capitol Police, as the granny was hanging up her coat and had her back turned, James Cavallaro tried to leave with the little girl.

Sharon Wise, a retired teacher, who saw the man grab the girl, immediately called authorities. After dialing 911, the superhero receptionist, confronted James Cavallaro, 58, causing him to release the child.

Chief Russell Gauvin gave more details on the failed abduction, saying:

“When he grabbed her, she (Wise) went right over and told him to let go and wouldn’t take no for an answer,”

Gauvin went on to add that the cops arrived to the scene of the crime rapidly and arrested James Cavallaro in the museum’s parking lot. Cavallaro who did not resist arrest, was charged with assault and violating his conditions of release on bail on an unrelated charge.

Cavallaro is being held at the Kennebec County Jail on $1,000 bail. Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, issued the following statement on the receptionist who stopped James Cavallaro’s abduction attempt:

“A museum receptionist saw the incident, intervened, and the girl was released. The child was with her grandmother at the time.The woman had turned her back to hang up coats in the museum’s coat room when the incident took place.”

Thanks to Sharon Wise, a little girl is safe at home, while James Cavallaro is behind bars.


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  1. K Martin says:

    A $1,000?

  2. Rivka Marsten says:

    This is why I never, EVER turned by back on my children for one minute in public. Now, it’s the same with my grandkids. All your parents and caregivers who have your noses buried in your phones and tablets instead of watching the children, STOP. Eyes should be ON THE CHILD(REN), every moment.

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