James Caan & Linda Stokes Epic Court Battle: Actor Slams Ex-Wife

January 7, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

James Caan and Linda Stokes are going through a bitter divorce, and things are getting nastier by the minute. One year after announcing their split, Caan filed court documents claiming that his estranged fourth wife is wasting the $13,000 a month in child support he pays her, and he is refusing to work at the age of 75 to give her more money.

James Caan Linda Stokes

James Caan and Linda Stokes are having a tough time doing this thing called co-parenting. In January of 2015, not many people were surprised when Caan announced his divorce for the second time from his fourth wife, Stokes.

The pair wed in 1995, and they have two sons together – James Arthur Caan (born in 1995) and Jacob Nicholas Caan (born in 1998). Caan filed for divorce in November 2009 citing irreconcilable differences, but few years later, they rekindled the flames of love only to end in divorce court in 2015.

This week, the former lovers returned to court and battled it out over money because they did not sign a prenup. At the age of 75, Caan, who is famous for his roles in The Godfather, A Bridge Too Far, and Chapter Two, claimed that his health is failing, and he simply can not keep up with Stokes’ financial demands.

In late 2015, Caan was rushed to the hospital in Toronto after complaining of chest pain, the star was relieved to find out he was suffering from a chest infection and not a heart attack. The health scare has Caan seriously thinking of retiring from the movie industry, but he is currently paying $13,000 a month in child support for their two sons, 20-year-old James Arthur and 17-year-old Jacob, and Stokes wants more money “to maintain the kids’ lifestyles.”

Caan stated that he is being humiliated and forced by Stokes to accept roles in “crappy” films like Sicilian Vampire to keep the checks coming. According to TMZ:

“I am no longer willing to take parts in films and/or television shows which detract from the 50 years I have spent building my reputation. Caan says just this past summer, he was forced to do a film called, “Sicilian Vampire.” He says it was humiliating … the premiere was in NYC and only 50 people showed.”

As stated above, James Caan has been married four times – in 1961, he wed Dee Jay Mathis and had a daughter, Tara, and they divorced in 1966. Caan’s second marriage to Sheila Marie Ryan, ( who dated Elvis Presley) in 1976, ended the following year. Caan was married to Ingrid Hajek from September 1990 to March 1994, and they had a son, Alexander, born in 1991.

Many are wondering, why is James Caan paying child support “for his grown ass kids, who should be working?” Moreover, few others are advising him to get “a better lawyer otherwise, he will be left with nothing on his bank account to retire.”

What are your thoughts on the James Caan-Linda Stokes court battle?


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  1. Swamptrotter says:

    He sure does need a new lawyer. He’s being screwed and he’s not even getting dinner first! He shouldn’t be paying any child support as he has adult off-spring, not children. She needs to get off her fat ass and take care of herself. $13,000 a month would support two average American families very nicely! She’s a whore and he’s paying for services never rendered.

    • Lyn G. says:

      This was a 20 year marriage….and there are plenty of parents that are still supporting young adults, especially if they are still in school. And she may be a golddigger since this was not a marriage where they were just starting out, but she should be getting some alimony if she put up with him for 20 years. Obviously with all the marriages, he has problems maintaining a relationship over the long haul.

  2. Karen says:

    Which woman is Scott Caan’s mother?

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