James Burke Arrested: Former NY Police Chief Embroiled In Christopher Loeb Scandal

December 10, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

James Burke, a former New York police chief, has been arrested after it was revealed that he assaulted Christopher Loeb and forced his officers to cover it up. Burke faces charges of violating Loeb’s rights by assaulting him at his home and at a police station upon learning that he had stolen several devices from his service SUV.

Police Chief James Burke

James Burke, a former police chief has found himself on the other side of the law. An unusual scene took place on Wednesday in Long Island where federal agents entered a home and arrested a law enforcer. James Burke, who was Suffolk County’s Police Chief until October, was apprehended and charged with deprivation of civil rights and conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice.

It is believed that Burke assaulted Christopher Loeb, violated his rights and tried to cover it up with the help of his officers. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, who appointed Burke in 2012, announced in October that Burke was resigning due to a federal investigation.

According to U.S. Attorney Robert Capers, Burke had been under investigation for more than a year over allegations he had beaten a man after arresting him. In 2012, Loeb broke into several cars, including Burke’s service vehicle and stole a gun belt, ammunition, sex toys, and handcuffs.

After his arrest, Loeb filed a civil rights lawsuit against Burke and the department, claiming that he was assaulted at his home by officers and later at the precinct by Burke and other cops. Loeb stated that he was handcuffed and chained to the floor while the chief punched and kicked him in the head.

Burke also threatened Loeb, 29, by telling him that he would administer a “hotshot,” another term for a fatal dose of heroin. During the investigation, Burke forced his officers to push a false story and cover up the assault. One of those detectives lied under oath and gave a false testimony during a hearing.

Burke has pleaded not guilty and his attorney, Joseph Conway, denied the allegations. Loeb’s attorney, Amy Marion, said her client is eager to get real justice and added:

“We are gratified that this long overdue prosecution has begun and we look forward to seeing that justice is done.”

Mr. Burke will be held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn until a bail hearing that is set for Friday. Capers stated that more arrests will be made in the upcoming weeks.


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