Jailed For Turkey Stealing: College Students Accused Of Injuring Tim The Turkey

April 20, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jailed for turkey stealing, is it the title of Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy? No, that is what happened to Steven Koressel, 23, and 21-year-old Richard Brenton Melbye, who kidnapped Tim the turkey and left it wandering in the streets of Orange County with countless injuries.

Jailed for turkey stealing

Jailed for turkey stealing – this is the dumb story that two college students will be sharing with their families and friends for the rest of their lives. Sometime between Saturday and Sunday, Tim the Turkey aka Timmy, a 5-year-old 40-pound bird who lives in a pen in the Orange High School in California, was kidnapped.

Tim the Turkey is cared for by Orange High School agriculture teacher Patti Williams, who explained that the bird helps students who are interested in an agricultural program. Williams posted a bulletin on Facebook that included a photo of the turkey and asked the public for help.

On Monday, the bird was discovered wandering in the streets reeking of beer and suffering from a broken toe, missing feathers, and several other injuries including abrasions to his face, head, and chest and part of his tail.

It was eventually captured in a person’s backyard and taken to a vet for treatment. After the bird was found, Williams said:

“His condition is declining at best. His chest and air sacs are compromised.”

Orange Police Sgt. Phil McMullin stated that with the help of security videos, they discovered that two Chapman University students – 23-year-old Steven Koressel, and Richard Brenton Melbye, 21 – were guilty of the crime. The foolish pair was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and jailed Monday.

McMullin added Koressel and Melbye were the only two involved in the prank. The university’s statement on the matter read:

“Two Chapman students have been identified and arrested by the Orange Police Department in the incident in which the turkey was abducted from Orange High School. The University will also undertake the appropriate disciplinary actions according to our Student Conduct Code.”

It went on to say:

“The University will not tolerate any instances of theft, animal abuse or cruelty, is appalled by this behavior, and takes this issue extremely seriously.”

Jake, another turkey, who also lives at Orange High School, was not harmed during the incident.


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