Jackson Clan Reality Show ‘Living with THE JACKSONS’ To Air In November

July 14, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jackson Clan Reality Show

The Jackson clan’s reality show is coming to your little screen this fall. Alejandra Jackson who is Micheal Jackson’s sister-in-law twice along with her five children will be appearing in a new reality show called “Living with THE JACKSONS” on Reelz. Alejandra Jackson who had children with two Jackson brothers will be revealing why she was kicked out of the family compound and what kind of relationship she has with Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson.

Jackson clan’s reality show called “Living with THE JACKSONS” will debut in November. First thing first.

Alejandra Jackson’s peculiar situation needs to be explained.

Alejandra Jackson was married to two of Michael Jackson’s brothers.

She was married to Randy Jackson and they have two children Genevieve and Randy Jr. together. The pair got divorced and Alejandra wed Randy’s brother Jermaine, and the couple has two kids named Jaafar and Jermajesty.

She also re-adopted Donte who was originally adopted by Katherine and Joe Jackson at the age of two.

Now that we have that cleared up, let us refocus on the upcoming reality series called “Living with THE JACKSONS.”

According to a press conference the series will contain 6 episodes and will focus on the new life of Alejandra Jackson since leaving or as the rumors claimed kicked out of the family compound in Encino, California.

Shortly after the death of the pop star it was being speculated that the mother-of-five was thinking about writing a tel-all which angered the Jackson matriarch.

So she was paid a large sum to change her mind and to leave the premises. According to the children the rumor was half right.

They never wanted to leave but “politics” came into play.

The group also revealed that Joe and Kathrine had everyone on lock down and they were not allowed to talk the the media.

But now that they are free they are ready to share their stories.

Mrs Jackson also promised to explain how did she ended up marrying two brothers and shed light on the allegation that she wanted the late pop star’s estate to pay her child support.

The Jackson clan new reality show will premiere on November 18 on Reelz.


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