Jabba The Hut Battlefront: New Game Mode Added And Fans Are Happy

March 10, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jabba the Hut added to “Battlefront,” and Star Wars fans are beyond excited. In the new trailer for the upcoming “Star Wars Battlefront,” Jabba the Hut makes a brief appearance holding holograms of a rifle.

Jabba the Hut Battlefront

Jabba the Hut has joined “Star Wars Battlefront,” which is due out later this month.

Fans of Star Wars are thanking Publisher Electronic Arts after it released the trailer for the latest “Star Wars Battlefront” free update – this the third free update since January. The 30-second trailer revealed a new feature called “Hutt Contracts,” which has the toad/Cheshire Cat-like creature with the message: “coming soon: Hutt Contracts.”

The clip goes on to show Hut holding holograms of the DL-18 pistol (DL-18 is the gun Luke used in Jabbas Palace in RotJ ) and another unknown weapon. Jabba the Hut, the most powerful crime boss in Tatooine, first appeared in Return of the Jedi (1983), but he was mentioned in Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980).

The large, slug-like alien “has a bounty on Han Solo’s head and employs bounty hunters, smugglers, assassins and bodyguards to operate his criminal empire. He keeps a host of entertainers at his disposal at his palace: slaves, droids and alien creatures. Jabba has a grim sense of humor, an insatiable appetite, and affinities for gambling, slave girls, and torture.”

The rest of the video featured the tagline “Get back into the battle” and showed new maps and survival missions, which are single-player or multiplayer game types. It is believed that “Star Wars Battlefront” update will be released sometime this month. Happy fans took to the Internet to reveal how eager they are to get their hands on the new game.

Here is a sample of their comments:

Hutt contracts and the DL-18, fuck yes!

I hope Lucasfilm is taking notes because that is how a CGI Jabba the Hutt should look.

4th free update confirmed! YES!

Can’t wait for the Hutt Contracts! Wonder exactly how they will work? We definitely could use some more weapons. And hopefully we can step on Jabba’s tail in the upcoming Jabba’s Palace map.

What are your thoughts on this new trailer?


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