Ireland Baldwin’s Girlfriend Angel Haze Opens Up About Their Relationship

June 28, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Ireland Baldwin Girlfriend

Ireland Baldwin girlfriend Angel Haze may be a talented rapper but when it comes to describing their relationship, she seems to be more prose than poetry. For months Baldwin and Haze have been documenting the evolution of their relation online via cute Instagram pictures and powerful tweets.

The media which can be careful from time to time, labelled the pair as best friends. The female rapper has had enough with the friendship label and wants the world to know that she is “f*cking” Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s 18-year-old model daughter.

The “Battle Cry” artist who is currently in England with Ireland for the Glastonbury Festival where she performed on Saturday, sat down with The Independent for a wide range interview where she opens up about the nature of their relationship.

After reading the piece, the main takeaway is that Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze are dating and America which has seen quite a bit in recent years is not ready for a powerful interracial lesbian couple.

Angel Haze told the British paper:

“I don’t know if there’s like some confirm or deny thing with the way relationships work in the media, but everyone just calls us best friends, best friends for life, like we’re just friends hanging out. It’s funny. It’s rad in some ways, it sucks in others.”

In order to get her point across, the acclaimed artist decided to adopt a more direct language, she added:

“An interracial gay couple, I mean that’s just weird for America right now. We f**k and friends don’t f**k. I have never f**ked one of my friends. Once I see you in that way, it doesn’t happen. But we do f**k and it’s crazy and that’s weird to say because I think about it in terms of an audience reading it and them thinking, ‘What the hell?’ But it happens.”

Ireland Baldwin dumped her boyfriend Slater Trout earlier this year to focus on finding herself. Angel Haze is a self-described pansexual which is different than bisexual.

Pansexuality includes sexual relations with people who don’t identify as male or female.


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