Instagram Says No To Selling User Photos

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Don’t be too surprised to find you sexy bikini pictures or the snapshot of your adorable baby in Macy’s ad because Instagram has plans to sell your private photos to the highest bidder.

On Monday giant sharing site Instagram made several changes in its privacy policies – and one particular change set the internet on fire.

The site which was recently purchased by Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook now states that it can sell your photos to advertisers without your permission and you will not get paid for your private photographs.

The new terms read:

Instgram To Sell Your Pictures

Users were quick to jump on Twitter and Facebook to share their anger on the company’s decision to claim copyright and ownership on their works of art – but as it turned out it was just a misunderstanding created by complicated language.

CEO and founder Kevin Systrom explained that they have no intention of selling your photos and added:

Instagram Not Selling Your Photos

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