Insects burger? Restaurants in London face new kind of protest

July 31, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Insects were thrown inside two burger restaurants by protesters. Activists tossed live cockroaches and crickets in the Byron Hamburgers Limited restaurants after immigration officials detained dozens of workers.

Insects burger restaurants

Hundreds of insects were crawling inside two burger restaurants in England; maybe they should contact Chief Mouser Larry or Gladstone to chase them away.

On Friday, several activists marched to two Byron Hamburger restaurants, one located in Central St Giles in London and the other at Holborn, a district in the West End, central London, and they released insects into the buildings.

According to the activists, some of the bugs unleashed into the eateries included cockroaches, locusts, and crickets. The protesters took drastic action against Byron Hamburger because of an immigration raid, which occurred earlier this month.

According to several reports, on July 4, the company invited 35 staffers from 15 restaurants to what was supposed to be a training day. Instead, they were all arrested and later deported by UK border agents. The workers were from Brazil, Egypt, Albania, and Nepal.

That same day, the #boycottbyron started trending worldwide, and many Europeans vowed never to step foot in a Byron Hamburger restaurant. London Black Revs & Malcolm X Movement, which orchestrated the mass insect release, said in a statement:

“Byron carried out an underhand entrapment of its workers after 35 people were removed by immigration officials. We have taken affirmative action in response to the chain’s despicable actions in the past weeks having entrapped waiters, back of house staff and chefs in collaboration with UK Border Agency.”

The groups went on to say:

“Our actions should serve as a warning to other businesses in the hospitality and catering industry that you will be targeted by those who stand in solidarity with immigrants if you entrap migrant workers”.

Byron replied with a statement of their own:

“The safety of our customers and restaurant teams is paramount, and our priority is now to work with local police to minimise the risk of further incident.”

The two London restaurants were closed on Friday night and opened on Saturday after pest control visited.

Were the activists right or wrong to release insects in the burger restaurants?

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  1. Cristal says:

    You are a hypocrite if you are a meat-eater and then spout off about the entrapment of, what I can only assume, are illegal immigrants. So you are upset about the treatment of people but don’t equate that with animal welfare? It’s good to see that ignorance is alive and well…one of the main reasons a buffoon like Trump is a presidential candidate in the U.S.!

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