McRib Frozen Image Sparks Debate Over Meat

Garrett Montgomery | November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments More

McDonald’s Frozen McRib Photo Goes Viral

An image of a McDonald’s frozen patty posted on Reddit has gone viral.

Earlier this week, a McDonald’s worker in Canada decided to share a photo of the uncooked frozen patty that is used to make the rare and beloved McRib with one his friends (this sandwich is as a rare as the elusive Saola aka the “Asian unicorn” that was spotted in Vietnam few days ago.)

The pal later shared the pic of the “raw McRib meat” with Reddit users who were surprised to discover that the red juicy barbecue seasoned pork patty between the brownish buns has a before and an after picture.

And the not too pretty before photo – shows a gray patty covered with frost that was made in a lab.

The patty is made with real pork meat that is processed into a pasted like substance, than it is squeezed into a rib shaped form and is eventually flash frozen.

Cooked McRib

With that being said, the much-coveted sandwich will be available till December 2nd – but do not expect a lot of people to be purchasing it.

Many who have seen the photo of the frozen patty used for the McDonald’s McRib have vowed to never eat it again.

Via Twitter, one grossed out individual said it looked like rubber found under his shoes, another stated that it was the most disturbing thing that she had ever seen and a third confessed that it appeared spongy.

But few defended the fast food giant by stating the obvious – that all frozen meats look similar to the one in the photo until you cook it.

McDonald’s issued a bizarre statement where they neglected to comment on the picture and boasted on the deliciousness of their product.

McRib Frozen Picture

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