Jack Huston Drops ‘The Crow’ Reboot Film, Due To Hectic Work Schedule

June 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jack Huston abandons The Crow and is set to be replaced by Nicholas Hoult or Jack O’Connell. In a brief press release, Corin Hardy, the director of The Crow remake, explained that Huston was forced to exit the project due to his hectic schedule.

Jack Huston Exits The Crow

Jack Huston exits The Crow just like so many actors before him. The Crow, well The Crow remake or reboot, is based on the amazing comic book series created by James O’Barr in 1989, which were turned into a television series and movie.

The graphic artist, an orphan and a vet, created The Crow as a means of dealing with the death of his fiancée, Beverly, who was killed by a drunk driver. Here is a brief synopsis of The Crow:

… Eric, the protagonist and Shelly, his fiancée are murdered by a gang of criminals. He then returns from the dead to hunt their killers. When not on the hunt, Eric stays in the house he shared with Shelly, lost in memories of her… he is in emotional pain, even engaging in self-mutilation by cutting himself.

After actors Luke Evans and Bradley Cooper removed themselves from the movie, Jack Huston, famous for playing Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire, had signed on for the role of Eric. However, due to his work schedule, he has removed himself from the film. Director Corin Hardy said in a statement:

“Jack Huston is unfortunately unavailable to continue with us on ‘The Crow.’‘The Crow’ is an amazing project, and I am grateful that we have the time and patience to get it right. We look forward to unveiling our new lead and starting to film over the next several weeks.”

Relativity Studios, which is backing the film, also released a statement on Jack Huston’s departure that read:

“Jack is a remarkably gifted actor, and we look forward to working with him in the future. Corin Hardy has a tremendous vision for ‘The Crow’ and we are working closely with him to continue prepping the movie and supporting him as he brings his vision to the bigscreen.”

Jack Huston might be replaced by Nicholas Hoult or Jack O’Connell. Huston’s upcoming projects include Pride and Prejudice, Zombies, and the Ben-Hur remake.

What are your thoughts on Jack Huston’s exit?


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