Hulk Hogan Threatens Brock Lesnar: Hulk Eyeing Last Big Fight Against Brock

August 21, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

hulk hogan threatens brock lesnar

Hulk Hogan threatens Brock Lesnar because he feels that he was recently disrespected by the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Hogan never really liked Lesnar, but he always kept his disdain quiet and now, it’s all out on the open. Is the feud real or is the new beef part of a larger WWE plot?

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan threatens Brock Lesnar publicly after The Beast decided to veer off script a bit during a ring appearance on RAW. Two weeks ago, Hogan was invited to the ring to celebrate his 61st birthday. It was a big moment for WWE fans, since it helped revisit some of the highlights of Mr. America’s epic and iconic career.

Hogan started wrestling in 1977, which means he has been playing a major role in the business for the past 37 years. His birthday celebration brought some of the biggest names of the industry back to the ring.

Ric Flair, Rowdy Roddy Piper and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, all joined the big party put together for the legendary entertainer whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea. Hogan even reunited with NWO members Kevin Nash and Scott Hall at the big gathering.

Lesnar who was visibly not in the mood for a joyous bash, came in and disrupted the whole thing. Paul Heyman guy crashed the celebration by telling The Hulkster to his face, “Party’s over grandpa.”

The remark was not part of the script and Lesnar added it on his own. The incident did not sit well with the legendary wrestler who has been talking about it in various media settings in the last few days. During an appearance on Kevin & Bean radio show on Friday, Hogan said he was ready to fight Lesnar, he also praised the man who was defeated at WWE SummerSlam by The Beast this past Sunday, John Cena.

On Wednesday, Hogan shared more of his antipathy for Lesnar with celebrity website He told TMZ during a short interview that he has had enough with Lesnar’s arrogance. The Hulkster said:

“All I gotta say is, Brock…I haven’t done anything to get in your way. But you keep throwing my name around, and I’m gonna get in your way.”

Hogan also added:

“You can’t say that stuff like you said Brock, in front of my wife and kids. It’s not cool brother. I know this is all entertainment. You know we’re supposed to have fun with it but when he starts throwing my name around, with my wife and my kids, it’s crossing the line.”

Some say the Hulk Hogan Brock Lesnar conflict is the real deal, but evidence point to a manufactured beef. Hogan who has spent a lot of time training in the last few months, always said that he was looking for one final big fight in the ring. Although, he was initially looking at Cena, Lesnar might offer him a last chance at headlining a pay-per-view main event.

The bad blood between those might be rooted in some level of reality, but Hogan’s Lesnar threats are probably scripted. It’s all good for the industry.


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  1. Rex Anderson says:

    Brock is one bad ass dude. I loved it when he told the Hulk “Grandpa the party’s over”. Sena is a punk!

    • Bob says:

      Brock go back to ufc !!!Oh they don’t want u? So beat up and insult older wrestlers. If you are that tuff Brock fight triple H or maybe even Stephanie !!!!!!!!! NO USE FOR ELDERLY ABUSE!!!!

    • David says:

      I guess this is why he went back to fake fighting. Because he knew he’d get his butt whooped doing this in a real fighting league. Completely understandable.

  2. Adkins says:

    Brock lesnar is a former NCAA heavyweight champ, ufc heavyweight champ, and wwe champ. Not a single other person has won all three. Stop hating on the guy, hulk overstayed his welcome 15 years ago.

  3. Grandpa says:

    Notice how he didn’t try Big Sexy………..

  4. ctrobaugh says:

    i didn’t know they had a “code” like that..i though nothing was off limits to sell the show…age,sex, family, personal problems..isn’t wwe known for that crap? i’m sure its a hogan/lesner match building ploy and i’d watch it…i’d really hope to see them do a hogan and legands team vs lesner and bad guy team at survivor series. with sting at least talking to the wwe, you’d think they’d pay or offer him whatever he wanted to have a lesner/sting wrestlemania main event !

  5. Anthony says:

    Brock maybe the champ now. But I am getting sick and tired of him beating people just for kicks and for once, I want to see him getting him being put back in his place. I know hogan is older now but yet when comes to insulting from of your friends and wife and family, that crosses the line. That being said, for of his dignity and family, if he ever gets a match with brock, I want hogan to somehow win with a stategy to outsmart brock in order to win, not just Trying to match his savagery. Then again…..I want to see the Udertaker take on lesnar again, not just out of revenge, but for the sake of getting backhis pride and to shut that annoying paul heyman up once and for all. Because this is the same advocate who has continuously been runnng his ugly mouth ever since after wrestlemania and been shoving it down people’s throats how he “conqured” the streak, when he wasn’t suppose to win! But the real point is the way things went down at wrestling it was he stripped of his dignity. So one day, I truly hope that if it ever does happen, I hope Undertaker’ll kick his ass for real.

    All in all, justice needs to be served!!!

  6. HECTORojeda says:

    soap opera ..fuken bolony sandwich..fake crap hahahahhahahahh..

  7. Linda says:

    I really look up to Brock Lesnar and I hope I’ll be as half as good fthiger as he is. Now I’m 20 and I’ll start to train to become stronger and faster as soon as I find his training program.

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