Homeowner Dog Poop: Thief Steals Box Full Of Feces

December 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A homeowner, a thief, and a box of dog poop, they all add up to one smelly surprise for two teenage boys. The homeowner left a thief a box filled with dog poop, and the burglar was caught on camera running away with his nasty holiday gift. Eric Bardo, a new homeowner from Las Vegas, who had many of his shipments stolen from his front porch, opted to teach one thief a lesson by leaving him a box of feces.

Homeowner thief dog poop

A homeowner, who was fed up with a thief snatching his holiday packages, came up with the ultimate revenge – leave him a box containing dog poop.

Talking to media outlets in Las Vegas, Eric Bardo explained that he and his family recently moved to a new neighborhood after purchasing a home. Since arriving in the area – he has been robbed several times – every box delivered to his front porch had vanished.

Someone also broke into his car, and numerous neighbors had their deliveries stolen. Mr. Bardo did the most logical thing one could think of, and he installed a home security system to scare off the thieves or thief. However, his Macy’s, Amazon, and Walmart’s shipments kept disappearing. The homeowner said out of frustration to catch the thief he came up with a very nasty plan – collect dog pop and place it in a large box for whoever was snatching boxes in the area. Bardo said:

“One day I kind of just thought about cleaning up the poop and putting it in a box and that’s what I did.”

He set the box of poop on his porch on Sunday, and the crook took it on Thursday. Bardo said he did not want to call the police for few Christmas gifts that were stolen, but hopes the young boys have learned their lesson. He confessed:

“I didn’t want to call them and say, ‘Somebody stole a box of poop off of my front porch. Hopefully they don’t do it again and they learn their lesson.”

Burdo went on to advise homeowners, who have been robbed to leave boxes of feces for the criminals in their area. As for the tape of the thief and an accomplice fleeing with the smelly box – he just keeps playing it over and over. He shared:

“I was kind of excited and I just kept replaying it. I just kind of wanted to give them back something.”

Last year, Andrea Hutzler of Washington, D.C., did the same thing – after having three packages stolen from her home – she left the thief dog poop in a box wrapped up with a bow. After watching the footage of a man speeding off with the filthy gift, Hutzler said:

“You give me shit, I’ll give it back to you.”

What are your thoughts on the homeowner’s actions?


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  1. BillyM says:

    He’s been robbed several times, but doesn’t call the police? These teens need to be investigated. I wonder how many other times they robbed people.

  2. LOTIY says:

    The thief got what he deserves – poop. dog poop, the more the merrier.
    To the other commentator he didn’t call the cops because the theif is young and black and there is too much of that in America right now and BLACK LIVE MATTERS will go after him if he reported the crime.
    More people should solve matters with dog poop if you ask me. ALL OF DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS SHOULD GET DOG POOP FOR XMAS!!!!

    • Heidi says:

      Ha! the kid doesn’t even look black to me. You say that’s why he didn’t call the cops, but you pulled the biggest racist move of all. You assumed the thief was African American! Its Vegas and its always sunny, just looked like a kid with a slight tan. And in any case, I agree with what he did, he tried something before resorting to calling the cops. Most people don’t want to give a kid a record for stealing packages. But hopefully they learned their lesson. If not, and if they continue to do this, then that’s when he should notify the police. But I like the Donald trump comment, maybe that’s what he should be getting for Christmas haha

  3. Betty Walker says:

    I got tired of having my Sunday paper stolen from my front porch so I got up really early and waited for it to arrive. Then I unrolled it and emptied the cat litter box into the middle and rolled it back up to put back on the porch. It disappeared like the rest but I had a good laugh over imagining the thief kicking back in the easy chair and unrolling the paper. Here’s another idea for giving thieves a payback for their deeds…wrap up the turkey carcass after Thanksgiving as a beautiful gift and leave it in the backseat of your car. Leave the car unlocked and take a 10 minute stroll through WalMart. Solves the problem of disposing of the bird bones. Buy a new t.v.? Put the old one in the box the new one came in and do the same as with the turkey only don’t wrap it. Disposal problem solved.

  4. Andy Gould says:

    When we lived in the Northeast part of the country, I would avoid the tire disposal fees by putting them on the front lawn by the curb and putting a sign on them that read “$25 each” They would be gone well within 24 hours.

  5. Stan says:

    The thieves need to stuff the contents of the package deep into their ears. Then they will at least be “upgraded” as to having “S**t-for-brains”.

  6. KINGTEE says:

    @ Lotiy

    I don’t get your statement concerning “Black Lives Matter”, this incident has nothing to do with the Positive Black movement. All races steal!!… so be mindful of what you post…seems to me you taking a shot at the entire movement, tells where your heart is… smh

  7. JJ says:

    “Opted to teach one thief a lesson by leaving him a box of feces…” really should have read: “Opted to teach one thief a lesson by leaving him with an a$$ full of buckshot…”

  8. Bob Crane says:

    Once again proving, It’s always better to give than to receive…..

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