Hollywood Hills Airbnb: Lewd Behavior At Campsite Irks Neighbors (Video)

July 3, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Hollywood Hills community is angry at Airbnb tent renters’ lewd acts. Several millionaires with mansions in the Hollywood Hills are frustrated by the fact that one of their neighbors, Dita de Leon, has decided to rent tents in her backyard to random strangers for $40 a night via Airbnb. Those people have sex, drink and smoke, according to critics. De Leon, a former model, claimed that her neighbors hate her because she just moved in the area.

hollywood hills airbnb lewd

Hollywood Hills Airbnb tent renters have been engaging in lewd acts, according to several residents. Dita de Leon, a former Playboy model, and video vixen, recently purchased a stunning mansion in Hollywood Hills near Lake Hollywood.

To help with the mortgage and to share the amazing view, the new homeowner came up with the idea to rent a tent to visitors in her backyard for $40 a night via the home-sharing website Airbnb.

The Airbnb listing claimed that the camping site was within walking distance of “Lake Hollywood underneath Hollywood Sign, could hold up to 10 people, starting at $35 a night with $40 extra for each additional person” and breakfast was included.

While Dita de Leon has been making great money with her camping concept, her neighbors are fuming. According to several millionaires, who reside in Hollywood Hills, some of the tent renters have been engaging in disturbing activities, such as having sex, using illegal drugs and consuming alcohol.

The model’s neighbor, Sanjeeb Kumar, said, he and his family are afraid to come out of their home and enjoy their pool because they might see something shocking. Kumar revealed:

“There are People buck naked, people doing sex out in the open. Drinking.”

De Leon, who was featured in Outkast’s “The Way You Move” music video, said that the community does not understand her concept because they are old and behaving like elitists. The model, who moved into the home in January, said that her neighbors do not “like the new kid in town” and that is why they are complaining. She added:

“None of my guests would have done anything that is repulsive to the community.”

Airbnb issued the following statement on the matter:

“Airbnb guests expect unique and authentic travel experiences and in turn communities rightfully expect considerate visitors. We have had more than 40 million guests stay with Airbnb. Problems for hosts, guests and neighbors are extremely rare but when they happen, we work fast to make things right.”

The model has changed her Airbnb listing and is now asking for a whopping $1,000 a night plus $50 for each additional person, because she “didn’t want psychos to come up there” after the story made headlines.

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