Hillary Clinton: Disabled workers minimum wage loophole should end

April 1, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Hillary Clinton hopes to fix the disabled workers minimum wage problem by eliminating a loophole called “subminimum wage.” Mrs. Clinton made the announcement after being posed a question by a lawyer with autism during a campaign rally.

Hillary Clinton disabled workers minimum wage

Hillary Clinton wants to raise the disabled workers minimum wage and many disability rights advocates are applauding the news. On Monday, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally at the University of Wisconsin where she had a Q & A session with the audience.

Nikki Vander Meulen, an attorney who is autistic, stood up and asked the former Secretary of State her opinion on the fact that people with disabilities receive a lower minimum wage, and how would she create jobs for the disabled population?

The Democratic presidential candidate said she believes that the “subminimum wage” for people with disabilities employed in specialized workplaces like at Good Will stores, other charities, and restaurants should be eliminated. The “subminimum wage” is a loophole in the federal minimum wage that allows employers to gain an exemption from the minimum for workers with disabilities. The grandmother stated:

“When it comes to jobs, we’ve got to figure out how we get the minimum wage up and include people with disabilities in the minimum wage. There should not be a tiered wage, and right now there is a tiered wage when it comes to facilities that do provide opportunities but not at a self-sufficient wage that enables people to gain a degree of independence as far as they can go.”

Mrs. Clinton went on to add:

“So I want us to take a hard look at raising the minimum wage and ending the tiered minimum wages, whether it’s for people with disabilities or the tipped wage. … When people talk about raising the minimum wage, they don’t always talk about the legal loopholes that we have in it and I want to get rid of those and I want to get rid of that for people with disabilities too.”

Clinton reaffirmed her plans to raise the minimum wage for able and workers with disabilities to $12 an hour. Disability rights advocates praised Clinton’s support for lifting the exemption.

Ari Ne’eman, a co-founder of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, was opposed to the practice of paying workers, who have disabilities less, and applauded Clinton’s remarks as “game-changing.” Ne’eman said:

“To see a major presidential candidate take a stance on this is a very significant step. We call on other candidates in the race to match Secretary Clinton’s commitment.”

Mark Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind, thanked Clinton in a statement:

“for stating boldly and unequivocally that she rejects the discriminatory practice of paying workers with disabilities subminimum wages.”

What are your thoughts on Clinton’s position on “subminimum wage?”


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  1. Silly Ranter says:

    Utopia Now! End job discrimination. The value of all votes in an election is the same. Thus your wages should be too.

    All work should valued as equally valuable even if you fail to do anything measurable because you have MOTIVATION DISEASE. Productivity is an obscene dehumanizing word.

    Equality should mean one wage for all regardless of who you are, prestige or bias to type of job, or whether you work at all (water cooler-istis is a genetic disease of the brain and psyche). Take the money from the rich and give it to everyone equally!

    Vote Hillary for a nonsustainable America

    Of course supporters don’t realize that Hillary would assign jobs by lottery since everyone is equal (Stephen Hawkins on ditch digging). Also execute people who failed to deliver their side of equality as traitors. But your wages would not be docked.

  2. Anonymous says:

    America was founded on the principles of DEMOCRACY……..our Constitution guarantees equality for all!
    The elite in this country now think they are in charge of everything because their wealth entitles them……I can’t find that anywhere in any document! They are EVIL PEOPLE and we as a society have an obligation to eradicate evil from society!!
    Anyone who would deny a child a meal, a disabled person a livable income, medical treatment for the elderly is EVIL and has no place in society!
    Americans better wake up because these EVIL TRAITORS are selling away your country for their OWN PERSONAL interest! NO HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET NEEDS TO BE A BILLIONAIRE………NO ONE!!! They are billionaires because they’re evil, no conscience what-so-ever, and have made their billions by ILLEGAL MEANS……generally TAX EVASION!!
    There’s not ONE SINGLE CANIDATE running for president that doesn’t have a PERSONAL AGENDA…….NOT ONE! The elite are BUYING the office when in fact our Constitution says otherwise! Wall St is the BIGGEST SCAM ever introduced into any society. The corruption there is nothing you could ever imagine……and it’s all controlled by JEWS and the ELITE!!

  3. Grammy Joan says:

    Anonymous, I “see” why you did not want your name exposed: too many accusations. Anyone can spout their thoughts, but where’s your proof?

    Warren Buffet is an excellent example of being a good person. He is kind and generous, giving a LOT of his money to good causes, etc. His children will NOT get his fortune because he says, “They have to earn their own.” He’s living in the same house he bought “waaaaaay back when”.
    You mention the rich and Jews. WOW! Jews in America have worked hard for every cent they own. Why pick on them when there’s a cattle rancher who owes around a MILLION dollars to our Government for rent? Not all billionaires have cheated on taxes. Most have earned every dime they’ve made. They don’t flaunt their luck.

    As for candidates, they ARE running because of a personal agenda, but I don’t think all of them are in the way you’re thinking. One of my “personal” agendas would be to feed the poor in America. I’m tired of seeing our money traveling to other countries because they won’t help their own people. There are families HERE who are struggling every day to put food on their tables for their children. They may not have heat or electricity. They may be handicapped and unable to work. A “personal” agenda is what makes a person fight harder for change. It’s a human need.

    Your anger is obvious, but, your ideas need to be more specific and detailed. Suggest a possible solution for each. You need to share your thoughts openly and honestly. Hiding behind the name “Anonymous” won’t get you followers. I only suggest this if you seriously want others to listen and/or act. Take what you have given and slowly reorganize it. Try to put it in an accepting tone. Ask for editorial help. Your ideas will flow in a style others might agree with.

    Good Luck with your adventure!

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