Hilary Duff Marriage, Mike Comrie Split Fueled New Music

August 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Hilary Duff Marriage

Hilary Duff marriage talk with Billboard touches fans and angers foes. Duff, who is promoting her new single, got emotional while explaining how her failed marriage inspired several songs on her upcoming album. While some people were sympathetic, many slammed Hilary Duff by saying that her marriage to Mike Comrie ended because she refused to leave the lights and glitters of Hollywood.

After a 7-year hiatus, Hilary Duff is back with a new single called “Chasing the Sun,” and a forthcoming album due out later this year.

Talking to Billboard.com Pop Shop Podcast, Duff confessed that a portion of the LP is very dark because it was inspired by her troubled marriage with Mike Comrie.

The creator of “Stuff by Hilary Duff,” married NHL player Mike Comrie in 2010, they welcomed a little boy named Luca in 2012 and in January of 2014 the pair announced they were separated.

During the interview with Jason Lipshutz, the Raise Your Voice actress said that she began working on the LP in November around the same time her marriage started to fall apart.

She used her pen and paper to express some of the dark, sad and confusing emotions that she was feeling at the time.

The Casper Meets Wendy star said:

“I’m separated from my husband right now, which has been a very difficult thing to through.”

The 26-year-old entertainer, said that once she was able to pour out her pain in the studio, she moved on to more happy/dance tracks.

The “Beat of My Heart” singer also took the opportunity to explain why she decided to take such a long break from the music industry.

Luca’s mom revealed that she has been working since she was a child and at some point she needed a little time away from it all to find out who she wanted to be.

During her break, she learned to cook, made few friends, got married and had a baby.

But she is happy to be back in the studio and hopes that her fans will like the finished product.

Hilary Duff’s marriage talk received mix comments.

Her fans are happy that she is opening up about her separation, others are hitting her claiming that if she really wanted to save her relationship she would unglue herself from the Hollywood chaos and move to Canada with her family.

Hilary Duff talks marriage, career and new projects at the 22 minute mark.


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