Herpes Watch List

Garrett Montgomery | June 27, 2009 | 42 Comments More

Herpes Watch List

Herpes Watch ListHerpes watch list is a list put together by internet users, which contains all the names of famous people, who allegedly have the illness.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease commonly known as STD.Herpes watch list can be found here: http://www.stumbleinn.net/forum/showthread.php?t=11132.

According to the CDC:

Herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that any sexually active person can get. Most people with the virus don’t have symptoms. It is important to know that even without signs of the disease, it can still spread to sexual partners.

What to do when it comes to sexual partners:

If you have herpes, you should tell your sex partner(s) and let him or her know that you do and the risk involved. Using condoms may help lower this risk but it will not get rid of the risk completely. Having sores or other symptoms of herpes can increase your risk of spreading the disease. Even if you do not have any symptoms, you can still infect your sex partners.

That’s the latest update on Herpes Watch List.

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    1. Holli Holt says:

      I have herpes with outbreaks almost every month, even though I took medication for it, it never helped. I even had to give birth to my daughter via Caesarean out of risk of infecting my baby. I grew up in Dallas, Texas and no one there thinks Herpes is funny, and I don’t know why you people on the internet do. I’ve turned to drugs and alcohol to get through my herpes outbreaks. It’s disgusting. STOP MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE!

      • Tt says:

        no one is making fun of people! We just want to know who has it so we dont contract it. People want to say “know the partner your with” or “its your responsibility to practice safe sex” well first off in this day and age people are liars and hide things and as far as protection nothing is a hundred percent protection from stds so knowing who has it would help. its not to make fun of people but to know so we can personally protect ourselves…isnt that what you did for your child. Just think there are women out there who have it and wouldnt even go this far to protect their child. In some cases it sucks because they were tricked by a sexual partner or raped or were born with it because of their parents. So its a horrible situation and instead of thinking we are making fun of you we are just trying to stop an epidemic!!!

      • The Docta says:

        Have you tried 1000mg of l-Lycine? I hear it helps big time. You need to boost your immune system. they are big horse pills but if you can deal try and take 2 a day. Over the counter. should run you no more than 10 bux. As soon as you start to feel it take it. But since you have them so often you might want to consider once daily ( read instructions on bottle) You also might want to consider lowering your sugar intake. Outbreaks once a month is too often.

        Best of luck to you.

      • Hepes Hero says:

        Hi there I’m really sorry about the abuse you’re receiving, c’mon it’s not your fault that you’re a herpes infested hoebag who’s given it to an innocent child who’ll have to deal with the consequences of you being a bit of a dirty for the rest of her life. She should’ve contracted it the same way as you, sucking and fuc*ing anything with a pulse

    2. Disgusted says:

      You make me sick. Basically you’re saying that you’re a drug addict and an alcoholic? Wow.

      • Moby5432NY says:

        leave the b*tch alone she all done man dont you have a heart. i feel for you sista dont be hating yourself look to the lord or you can come to me if you need a little uplifting.

    3. Holli Holt says:

      Your such an asshole. This website is a support group. I came here for help and to help others. Why are you such an asshole to me?

    4. Paul36_box2 says:

      So what Holli Holt are you:

      Holli Holt from Cinncinati, Ohio who works for Finn Graphics?

      Holli Holt from Plano, Texas who pumps needles and dresses goth? flickr.com/photos/nomygoshcaitey/3876957558/

      Holli Holt Thomason from San Francisco Bay who works for Silver Oak?

      Holli T Holt from Caddo Mills, Texas who works for Rock Wall Reality?

      I want to make sure I never run into you and end up infected.

    5. Holli Holt says:

      How can you be so mean to me? This site is intended to help people.

    6. MARIO514 says:


      • joe says:

        Then u must be a fag with aids or a 15 yr old boy whom will never get any pussy exept a fat girl with jelly rolls but thats probably what u like, well its probably little boys but i bet its ur brother

    7. Rebox7281 says:

      I know that bitxh she gave me hiv!

    8. 71WINESKY says:


    9. name says:

      holli holt’s vaginal area smells like sanitation.

    10. Tyler Edmister says:

      Hi, My Name is Tyler Edmister and I have type 1 herpes and I am a player and use girls for sex. I act sweet and sensitive but once I bone them I drop them and have no care in the world.

    11. Tyler Edmister says:

      I give herpes to girls because I think it is funny!

      • dean says:

        tylor edmister your fucking gross and you have no manners in the world and your always going to be runing and never be happy for yourself.. And you might get shoot by someone that you gave it to, Do you think that guy wants to get herpes from the girl you dumped.. No but hey when the world collapse and no fuck that you’ll be the first one to be dead..
        I’M GLAD THERES GUNS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. holliholt is nasty says:

      hahahahahahahahaherpes. (and hollie)

    13. Jesus says:

      1 out of 5 people has the herpes virus. 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 8 men have it below the belt. Hollie is not alone. most people who have any STD (Paul and Mario) don’t have symptoms and are too fucking lazy to get checked out. even when you do get checked, doctors will tell you that they can only test you to see if your body is producing anti-bodies against the virus so there is no way of knowing for sure if you have it, unless a sore pops up. if you’ve ever had the chicken pox, you’ve had herpes. there is such a stigma with STD’s and that’s why people are afraid to get checked out and continue to infect the rest of us. thanks a lot, assholes. Hollie should be commended for being honest and protecting her baby girl. I’ve never had an STD but I know what it’s like to be an addict and it is not the answer, girl. take care of yourself and each other. everyone else needs to grow the fuck up and go get tested cause you probably have something too! most Americans have the HP virus–the same virus that gives you genital warts, so stop frontin’!

    14. hollie says:

      look at my photos they show everything

    15. S.H. says:

      This girl got fired from my company for stealing $113 from my co-workers purse. She said she did it because of an addiction problem. She seemed so polished at first but man did she quickly fall apart only a few months into her employment.

    16. ? says:

      Has this girl ever been arrested?

    17. laney says:

      When i located this valuable post while scouting in live search. Totally extraordinary, merely because search engine listings can show fairly old data and yet this one is actually most useful! At any rate, wholly interesting, even more so because this is possibly not some thing many individuals usually publish some thing positive concerning. Take care.

    18. wimbledon packages says:

      It’s Great

    19. willy says:

      Who is this girl?

    20. HOLLIHOLT says:


    21. We know who is posting this. says:

      You better be VERY careful!!!!

    22. Brianah Summers says:

      I’m 16 years old. I contracted herpes last year from Tyler Fischer. I honestly don’t know how to stop being a whore.

    23. People are sad says:

      WOW its amazing to see what people say on here! I question the credibility of the people who post things on here. The truth is, in the REAL world “internet-land” doesn’t matter. In the REAL world “internet-land” won’t prevent you from owning a gun, voting, or getting a good job. BUT in the real world, what does matter is your CRIMINAL HISTORY. Your criminal history is there FOREVER, and it shows you what you are worth to society.

      • Pathetic People says:

        Very true, looks like a lot of people on here are just trying to run their mouths and make people look bad. Real insecure people. But when it comes down to it, what a bunch of nobodies with bad criminal records say about anyone isn’t credible at all. And they are just upset because their own identities have been destroyed by their own irresponsible stupid actions that have gotten them in trouble with the law. Need I mean to mention names? Now thats a real embarrassment. Real public knowledge is in the county’s case.net files for where that offender lives or committed the offense. And apparently running your mouth to other crack heads at your local N.A. meeting isn’t enough. I’d say get a job to occupy your time better, but looks like you can’t with a record like that.

    24. People are sad says:

      Pretty sad. If these girls are so horrible, why do you want pictures of them? A little obsessive don’t you think…Someone might need a hobby, or a job…

    25. JR83ULE@GMAIL.COM says:

      If you want to know, ask me at the above email.

    26. jane says:

      That’s some pretty sick sh*t!

    27. AUG_27_2010@yahoo.com says:

      If this is true, please e-mail me directly at the above address. I know some of the fathers history, and the info if truthful could be useful in protecting my child.

    28. . says:

      Holli Holt is like Anna Ayala, the woman who sued chilis after she planted a finger inside her own chili. I’m so glad our company fired her!

    29. dean says:


    30. whitney gapen says:

      hey everyone, i was on here last year to talk about my herpes.. i lied to my soon to be ex husband and didnt tell him i had herpes ( my bad) our daughter will be a year this summer.. im lucky she didnt come out with some wierdness or my japenese nose.. at any rate we filed for divorce last year and then decided to resolove it,..that is until he refused to send me the large amounts of money i was asking for,, he had even planned on coming to the town i live in,,ive since then jumped from dick to dick spreading my desease.. the divorce has bee filed AGAIN.. yeah.. im a craZy bitch i know..

    31. MJM says:

      I think it’s a good idea t revesl peopes’ name if infected people expose others knowingly to any STD and don’t take responsibility for it. My ex Kevin J Farley did this to me, repeatedly risking my health for his own pleasure. I hope he will learn to be man enough to tell his next girlfriend before he infects her.

    32. Whistleblower says:

      Lindsay Hartman and Tyler Watterson, Overland Park, KS

    33. judith says:

      yes, enjoyed the article

    34. robert says:

      i have met this girl from toledo ohio her name is tiffany flanigan , and she isnt telling people that she has herpies and is spreading it around like its a joke cuz she has it . so if you are in toledo watch out for this girl cuz she will burn you like a 3rd degree burn

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