Hero cat saves 3-month-old baby in Russia

January 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Hero cat saves baby and story goes viral. A homeless cat named Marsha, is being hailed a hero, after she spent several hours keeping an abandoned baby warm in Russia’s harsh and freezing winter temperatures. According to a resident by the name of Nadezhda Makhovikova, Marsha, the hero cat, kept meowing very loudly in order to alert her to the baby boy who was left in a box near an apartment complex.

Hero Cat Saves Baby

Hero cat saves baby boy, who was abandoned in an old cardboard box, and gets free food and love for life; make that free food and love for all of her nine lives. On Saturday, a woman named Nadezhda Makhovikova, spotted Marsha in the stairwell of her apartment complex like she does everyday, but this time the homeless cat was very noisy and agitated.

Makhovikova, who lives in the city of Obninsk in the Kaluga region of Russia, assumed that the cat was either not well because of the sub-freezing temperatures or hungry. But when the Russian woman approached the cat, she was shocked by what she saw – a baby lying on the floor with a pack of diapers next to him.

According to Nadezhda Makhovikova, the cat was licking the baby boy, who was wearing clean clothes and doing all that she can to keep him warm. Makhovikova told local media about the “hero cat saves baby” story:

“When I went down, I saw it was the baby crying. If the cat hadn’t taken care of it, the baby wouldn’t have had a chance.”

Another resident, who lives in the building and did not wish to be identified, stated that the hero cat protected the baby for several hours. The woman claimed that she heard the tabby cat meowing in distress for a lengthy period, but thought nothing of it. Makhovikova called the paramedics immediately and the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The hero cat was sad to see the baby go, according to Vera Ivanina, one of the paramedics, who arrived on the scene. Ivanina explained that the cat ran after the ambulance and added:

“She was so worried about where we were taking the baby. She ran right behind us, miaowing. She was really a rational creature.”

According to doctors caring for the baby, he is between the ages of two to three months, and is perfectly healthy. A nurse said that the hospital is overwhelmed with calls from people all over the country, who want to donate food, toys, and clothes to the baby. She said:

“We have received a lot of feedback from sympathizing residents, who are willing to help and ask if any food, toys and other things are needed,”

Police are currently searching for the parents of the baby boy. Residents have promised to take even better care of the cat, now that she is a hero and is being praised all over the world.

Hero cat saves baby proving that heroic acts come in all shapes and forms.


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