Hear that bass mom? Asks 3-year-old Bostyn in funny Youtube video, ‘bass mom’ clip may get girl acting gig

March 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

“Hear that bass mom?” A little girl named Bostyn Olivia Smith, asked her mom as she danced to LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali” and the whole thing is caught on camera and; now, she is an internet sensation. The “Do You Hear That Bass” clip, which was posted earlier this week, has more than one million views on YouTube.

Hear that bass mom

“Hear that bass mom?” 3-year-old Bostyn Olivia Smith said in a brief clip that has gone viral with over one million views and thousands of comments.

On March 12th, a YouTube user known as SuperkenGaming, shared a video that showed a little girl dressed in leopard print dress, pink bow, dancing and singing along “Going Back to Cali,” which is a 1988 song by rapper and actor LL Cool J.

The song was featured on the Less Than Zero soundtrack as well as on his third album, Walking with a Panther. The 3-year-old sang the simple chorus that goes like this:

“I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali
I’m going back to Cali – no man I don’t think so
I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali
I’m going back to Cali.”

As she was dancing and showing her rapping hand moves, she stopped and asked her mother the cutest thing ever. Little Bostyn Olivia Smith asked her mom: “Mom, do you hear that bass mom?”

The mother laughed and replied with a yes. Seeing that the child was dead serious about how good the bass in this song is, she turned to her parent one more time and asked the same question.

The “Hear that bass mom?” clip has more than 1,200,000 views on YouTube and thousands of comments. Contacted by Buzzfeed, the mother said:

“Bostyn is 1000% obsessed with LL Cool J and that every time she gets in the car she says, mom, turn up the bass!.”

The girl’s mother has launched a Facebook page for her and put up a phone number where people can contact her for gigs such as modeling, acting or appearances. Most people found the clip adorable and shared comments like:

“I could watch this on repeat forever.Give that girl some dubstep!so cute.”

“This is going to be SO embarrassing when she’s older, and looks back at this. Show it at her 21st BDAY.LOL.”

But few others blasted the parents:

“typical white parents poisoning their kids’ minds with (c)rap music. that is why the asians are getting ahead.”

“dear god, hip hop culture is a f%cking cesspool. hundred bucks says there’s no daddy in the picture.”

For the record, LL Cool J and Will Smith did not use cuss words in their rap songs. What are your thoughts on this cute little girl’s video?

The family released “Do You Hear That Bass Mom? (Pt. 2)” called “Mama Said Knock You Out!”


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  1. Ammon Sharp says:

    I feel like people need to get a life and stop being so down on the parents of this little girl. She doesn’t care about politics or color she is just having fun. As for it being hip hop, to her all that means is it would be great to dance to and that is just what she is doing.

  2. Leon says:

    This has truly taken off, Jimmy Fallon and LL Cool J, posted the video on the Jimmy Fallon Show 13 million views and counting, Jimmy Fallon and LL Cool J inspired a song, that was created using Bostyn’s voice “Can You Hear That Bass Mom”, also the song is available on ITUNES under Bostyn Smith with is an incredible song, also there is a “Drop that Bass Challenge” similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, some of the proceeds benefits the Family Support Center in Ogden Utah. Here is the video that appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Shows a week or two ago

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