Hayley Turner Michigan: Missing Teen Lied About Abduction Police Say

August 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Hayley Turner, the Michigan teen who claimed that she was abducted by two men has been charged by police for filing a false report. 18-year-old Turner, who suffers from emotional issues lied to Michigan authorities when she stated that she was held at gun point, kidnapped and jumped out of a moving car to flee to safety.

The story of Hayley Turner, the young woman from Michigan who claimed that she was kidnapped has taken another bizarre turn.

On Thursday August 7th, Turner visited a movie rental store where she picked up Muppets Most Wanted and Divergent and left around 10 PM.

Employees told police that she looked happy and smiled at them during the transaction.

Moments later, while she was having a phone conversation with a female friend, Turner said that she saw a man lying in a ditch and she was about to go help him.

Out of nowhere, the teenager told the pal, that a man was holding a gun to her head and the phone conversation abruptly ended.

Less than 17 hours later, after the investigators from Monroe County had deployed, dogs, manpower and helicopters; the Notre Dame Academy student was located in the small town of Ecorse, about 40 miles from the spot where she was allegedly kidnapped.

Turner told law enforcers that she managed to escape from her abductors by jumping out the car and landing on the side of the road.

The young woman revealed that the criminals had a bag over her head during the ordeal and therefore she could not see much (she was unable to give their color, weight or even height). She also said she was locked in a garage.

As they pursued with the interrogation, the victim stated that her attackers gave her a puppy to play with.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office rapidly understood that Hayley had fabricated the story.

There were no witnesses to corroborate her dramatic escape, someone found her standing in a corner and called the cops.

No cars matching the description she gave were ever found. Furthermore it was discovered that her cuts and bruises were self inflicted.

Monroe police have now announced that they are pursuing a felony charge of filing a false report against the teen.

Since Saturday, her parents have stopped talking to the media and are asking their privacy be respected as they deal with this matter.

It is believed that Hayley Turner has been going through some mental issues, which is why she cooked up this lie.


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