Hasselhoff Broken Back: Actor Breaks Vertebra Filming New Project

June 10, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

David Hasselhoff added a broken back to the long list of injuries he has suffered while making movies and television shows. The former America’s Got Talent judge claimed that he injured his back while riding a dune buggy on the set of an unnamed project.

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff opened up about his broken back in a recent interview. While making the promotional rounds to push the comedy Ted 2 that will be released on June 26, David Hasselhoff made the surprise confession – he has broken a bone in his back and has no plans to undergo surgery to repair it anytime soon.

According to experts, while the injury does sound impressive, there is a possibility that Hasselhoff’s bones might heal without surgery.

If the individual vertebrae are fractured or severely dislocated, but the spinal cord is unharmed, then no neurological problems (paralysis) results. Individuals with this type of injury are treated very carefully while the bones heal to avoid potential damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots. If the spinal cord becomes bruised or partially damaged due to swelling, trauma or laceration, then paraplegia or other neurological conditions may result.

The Baywatch actor said that he injured his back as he was performing a beach stunt with a dune buggy on the set of a new project. The 62-year-old, who also has two bad knees, declined to give the name of the movie/TV show.

Hasselhoff said that he was riding the quad “when he took a leap over a sand dune” and seriously injured his spine. He told the Daily Mail Weekend magazine:

“So I’m flying through the air. It crashed down. I broke a vertebra.”

Despite having a broken back, David Hasselhoff was crazy enough to leave his chair and re-enact the dune buggy crash as he was telling the story to reporters. During that same Q&A, Hasselhoff explained that while he would love to have a child with his young girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, they are probably “not going to grow old together.” The reality star said:

“To be honest, the reason I haven’t got married yet is because I know it’s not going to be a perfect relationship. We’re not going to grow old together, let’s face it. Sometimes I think I love her enough to say, ‘Go and find a man of your age and have a life. We had a great time and we love each other but…’. That would be horrible and it would probably take years to get over.”

He went on to explain that his “sickness” forced him to split from Roberts several times, but he still sees her as his best friend and the future mother of his children.

He added: “I’ve got two bad knees and a broken back, but I’m still dancing. I’d take the kid everywhere with me. That’s what I did with my girls. I was a good dad.”

What are your thoughts on David Hasselhoff’s stance on marriage?


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  1. noxon says:

    So David wants to have kids with this woman, but will not marry her? That is weird.

  2. Sinace says:

    David Hasselhoff is a lover of life with a broken back or not.
    He never used to take himself seriously, and I doubt he ever will.
    Keep making us laugh.

  3. Char says:

    My idol, when growing up, I wanted to marry David. Lol

  4. Mary Wilson says:

    too old to be doing your own stunts snapper

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