‘Hannity’ Guest Storms Off After Heated Debate On Race In America And Walter Scott Death

April 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Hannity guest storms off, rips off his earpiece after a very heated argument about police brutality, and video of the incident goes viral. African-American minister Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Leo Terrell, a black civil-rights lawyer, appeared on Fox News show Hannity Thursday arguing about the killing of Walter Scott in South Carolina by former officer Michael Slager. The spat between the two guests led to one of them exiting the show before the segment was over.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

A Hannity guest storms off and the video is sparking a debate on race in America. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Leo Terrell do not have much in common other than being activists.

Leo Terrell, a lawyer and civil-rights activist, went head-to-head with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a minister and founder of founder of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny.

Peterson is an outspoken critic of the civil-rights establishment in America today and believes that leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters are scammers who have built their fortunes by brainwashing the black community to make them racist against all whites.

The two men were tackling the killing of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who was shot by a white former police officer named Michael Slager.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson said that in America people are innocent until proven guilty and; therefore, the white ex-police officer should be given the benefit of the doubt. According to Peterson, white police officers are constantly under attack by angry black people. Peterson explained:

“In America you are innocent until proven guilty, and right now, Sean, white officers are under attack by angry black folks in this country, and when they’re stopped by these officers they’re not listening, they’re not obeying the authority of the police officers.”

Sean Hannity, who disagreed with Peterson, said Slager’s actions are given other police officers bad names. Leo Terrell blasted his fellow guest by saying that he was stupid and an embarrassment for defending Slager. The activist stated:

“This is the second time in Fox News cable that you and I, Sean Hannity, agree. Jesse Lee Peterson is the only man on the face of this earth who is talking about everything else but the unlawful shooting of this man. … And for you to come on this show as a black man and to say somehow– to justify this shooting, you are an embarrassment to the world right now! The whole world is looking at how stupid you are!”

Peterson went on to talk about the thugs and gang members, who are harassing communities in California, and families are afraid to call the police. Fed up with some of the comments made by the reverend, Terrell said that he was leaving. He stated:

“You better come to me or I’m gone. Come to me right now or I’m gone! Because I’m not going to sit here and listen to this hate.”

Realizing that the conservative author would not change his rhetoric, Terrell tore off his earpiece, got off his seat and stormed off the set. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson recently spoke to NewsMax about the killings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, and he stated that blacks are now doing to whites what the KKK and Jim Crow did to them. The controversial commentator explained:

“They’re knocking out white Americans. They’re killing them in some cases, they’re accusing them, they’re robbing them. They’re doing exactly what they have accused white Americans of doing in the past.”

Peterson went on to add that if he disagrees with another black person on the matter of race, he is blasted. He shared:

“As a matter of fact, if you don’t agree with them about white Americans, hating them or discriminating against them, you become a sellout. You become an Uncle Tom, you become an enemy of the black community.”

Is Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson right about the officer? Did Leo Terrell overact by leaving the set?


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