Greg Kelly Anna Gilligan Video: Anchor’s Body Comments Rile

June 30, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Greg Kelly Makes Remarks On Anna Gilligan Sexy Bikini Body

Greg Kelly Anna Gilligan awkward clip has gone viral. Anchor Greg Kelly made some sexist and inappropriate remarks about reporter Anna Gilligan’s bikini body on live television and is scolded by his co-host on “Good Day New York” Rosanna Scotto. A very enthusiastic Anna Gilligan was reporting on the Tarzan rope swing added to Action Park in New Jersey when she took the decision to change into a bikini and try the new attraction. Fox’s anchor Greg Kelly unable to control himself made several comments about Anna Gilligan’s body, her bikini and how fast she could remove her clothes. Rosanna Scotto went as far as punching the perverted journalist to get him to stop embarrassing himself. Greg Kelly’s bad behavior has lead to the reexamination his past rape allegation.

Last week, television viewers watching “Good Day New York” saw a very awkward exchange between reporters Greg Kelly and Anna Gilligan.

“Good Day New York” had a segment prepared by Anna Gilligan where she toured the newly renovated Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey.

The amusement park which was created in 1978 and became infamous for a handful of deaths and unsafe rides was sold to Eugene Mulvihill in 2010 who has vowed to transform the company and change its image.

Anna Gilligan was reporting on the renovation and the two new rides that have been added for this summer.

Gilligan revealed that theme park had just launched a new Tarzan rope swing and was eager to try it.

The petite television star went on to disrobe herself to reveal her colorful bikini to the world before being aid by an employee of Action Park to take the big swing.

Back in the studio “Good Morning New York” co-host Greg Kelly forgot that the segment was about the re-opening of the park and imagined that he was a judge on Miss USA.

Greg Kelly who is the son of former NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly made some very surprising comments on the female reporter’s body.

The unprofessional anchor who was cleared of rape allegations in 2012 said:

“Wow! here she goes, in a two-piece!”

As Anna Gilligan was swimming in the pool to get back in front of the cameras, Kelly shared:

“Look at her, it’s like something out of a movie… Indeed.”

Realizing that Greg Kelly was going overboard with his statements, co-host Rosanna Scotto tried to tell him to calm down by saying things like “Greg, stay appropriate and what is wrong with you?”

Rosanna Scotto’s scolding words and even punches failed to stop her horny co-worker who had the audacity to tell Anna Gilligan at the end of her segment, “don’t go, hold on a second, no, not so fast Anna.”

It was rapidly concluded by viewers and internet commentators that Kelly was wrong to act the way he did, but why was a journalist in a two-piece bikini covering a story?


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  1. MJ says:

    Oh please, pc is really, really going too far. Anna was eager to expose herself, but please men, don’t say anything. Why did she have to get undressed and wear a bikini anyway if not for the attention. Then poor Greg Kelly gets blamed for being a normal man. I am tired of all the nonsense.

  2. curtis says:

    wtf?what did he say so inappropriate?too many people looking to slay someone over a little comment that was not crude!she should be happy someone liked her body and stop bing such a prude!if you want to be a nun girl dive in with a robe on you boor

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