Greenville Texas Stabbing: 2 Dead After Stabbing Outside Texas Skating Rink

August 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Greenville Texas Stabbing Pics

Greenville Texas stabbing leave two young men dead and numerous injured. Over the weekend, Texas authorities were called to Moulton Avenue’s Skate Safari in Greenville where they discovered that a fight lead to the deadly stabbings of two African Americans, both age 21. The stabbing victims have been identified as Darius Diondre Hubbard and Ljorian Marquise Harris who were apparently attending a party at the rink.

The Greenville Texas stabbing incident left two dead and several injured during a private party.

On Saturday, at around 3 AM, numerous 911 calls were made to report a fight at a skating rink in Northern Texas.

When officers from the Greenville Police Department arrived on the scene they learned that a group of men were arguing inside Skate Safari, and they eventually stepped outside where it escalated into a fight.

According to witnesses several males pulled knives and stabbed Darius Diondre Hubbard and Ljorian Marquise Harris.

Harris (born April 06, 1993) and Hubbard (born October 10, 1992) are said to be African American males who used to reside in Greenville.

The criminals stabbed other party goers during the melee (the cops do not wish to release the official number of people who were hurt at the gathering) before fleeing the scene in their cars.

Via ambulances and private vehicles the victims were rushed to the Hunt Regional Medical Center of Greenville. About 2 hours after being stabbed, Hubbard and Harris died.

Law enforcers have not given statuses, or the names of the other stabbing victims who are still hospitalized.

Autumn Barton who is the spokeswoman for the police department stated that no arrests have been made as yet.

Barton claimed that the authorities are investigating and gathering information from numerous witnesses and have plans to charge few people with the crimes.

The owners of Skate Safari have refused to comment on the deadly brawl.


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