Grayson Divorce Bigamy Claim: Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson Accuses Wife Of Bigamy

March 9, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Alan Grayson, divorce, bigamy and leaking breast implant, are all the elements needed for a great episode of House of Cards, according to a Florida judge. Controversial congressman, Alan Grayson is in a strange divorce trial with his estranged wife, Lolita Grayson, who he claimed committed bigamy when she wed him in 1990 and therefore should not get half of his $31 million fortune.

Grayson Divorce Bigamy

The viral term “Alan Grayson divorce bigamy” emerging from Floridian media is quite surprising for those who know the congressman. Accompanied by his attorney, Mr Alan Mark Grayson, the Representative for Florida’s 9th congressional district, appeared in front of Circuit Judge Bob LeBlanc in Florida, where he repeated what he has been saying for the past few months – his soon to be ex-wife, Lolita Grayson, and the mother of his five children is a bigamist.

Alan Grayson claimed that when Lolita Grayson wed him in 1990 in Virginia, she was still married to Robert Carson. Grayson said that Lolita Grayson wed the U.S. soldier in the Philippines in 1980.

According to the fiery Democrat and highly successful trial lawyer, Lolita Grayson stayed married to Robert Carson until 1994. Mr Grayson is asking judge Bob LeBlanc to dissolve his marriage based on the bigamy claim and not divide his personal property/wealth valued at $31 million.

The politician is also refusing to pay Lolita Grayson alimony because they were never officially married. But Lolita Grayson, who filed for divorce in January 2014 saying their union “is irretrievably broken,” claimed that her 24-year marriage was real.

Mrs Grayson, who has changed lawyers numerous times, stated that she divorced Carson in Guam in 1981 and not in 1994 in Broward County, Florida as claimed by the other side.

Grayson also shared that she is not the “Lolita B. Carson” who filed for divorce in 1994. She told the judge:

“I was and still am of the belief I divorced my previous husband in 1981.”

Neither side has been able to locate Mr Carson – it is a pity, because he would have cleared up this whole mess. Mark NeJame, who is representing Alan Grayson in the divorce trial, said:

“When lies are told about you and you’re in the media, your detractors are going to use it and use it forever more. You have to neutralize that and the only way to do that is to get the truth out.”

Mark Longell, who is Lolita Grayson’s third lawyer, shared:

“Mr Grayson was going to drag her through the mud so that he doesn’t look bad.”

Longwell, who was hired by Grayson in February, has requested a trial delay, so he could have more time to prepare. The judge will consider another delay Monday.

The trial was previously delayed due to Lolita Grayson’s leaking breast implant, which needed emergency surgery to be replaced. With all the drama surrounding the trial, LeBlanc once told the parties involved:

“This is starting to sound like House of Cards.”

When not in the news over his divorce trial and bigamy accusation, Mr Grayson is telling the world that all Republicans against the health care law are secretly telling Americans “don’t get sick, but if they get sick, they should die fast.”

The alleged bigamy in Grayson’s divorce holds the key to a lot of money. What are your thoughts on Alan Grayson’s divorce?


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  1. Eric says:

    Alan Gayson is just one big liberal douche bag. I hope his ex gets all his money…..he probably stole is anyway.

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