Grand Teton Russian Student: Missing Hiker Aleksandr Sagiev Found Dead

August 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Grand Teton Russian Student

Russian Student who disappeared in Grand Teton has been found. The body of Aleksandr Sagiev also known as Sasha, a 20-year-old Russian student has been found in Grand Teton National Park. The student who is originally from Nizhny Novgorod vanished last week after telling friends, he was going for a hike. It took searchers three days to find the remains of the Russian man.

A search and rescue team combing through Grand Teton have been able to locate the body of the Russian student who went missing several days ago.

On Monday evening, Aleksandr Sagiev better known as Sasha was seen at a local bar, talking on his cell phone and he told his friends that he was going for a hike.

The Russian student who had been working at Dornan’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant since June, often took long walks at the Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming.

The next day when the student failed to show up to work, his boss and co-workers immediately contacted the authorities.

Sagiev’s colleagues said that he was very responsible and were therefore surprised when he missed his shift on Tuesday.

More than 60 men, boats, helicopters and several rescue dogs searched for the missing student and after three days his body was discovered.

Sagiev’s remains were found in the Cache Couloir, which is a steep traverse located in Glacier Gulch.

A helicopter had to use a long line to collect the body, which was more than 9,400 feet in the traverse.

Sagiev was a student from the National Research University – Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

He loved the outdoors and was looking forward to hiking in Yellowstone National Park.

Officials from the Consulate General of Russia in Seattle, Washington have contacted the student’s mother in Nizhny Novgorod.

Police are investigating the matter and will eventually reveal the cause of death after an autopsy has been performed.

Many are surprised of the Russian student’s death because he knew Grand Teton very well.

The young man was quite active on social media, in the video posted below, he talks about his desire to improve his English.


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